Thursday, November 26, 2009

Denial Is Not A River In Egypt

Then They Came For Me

They came first for the Communists
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.
Then they came for me
By that time no one was left to speak up!
Martin Niemöller

More atrocities being committed against our troops.
Criminal Negligence
Gross Negligence
Exemplary Damages

I'm outraged too. This is atrocious. How did the American people get stuck with these bush administration despots?

Note to US Attorney General Or To Whom It May Concern

Investigate and prosecute halliburton today!

It's no wonder half the world hates us. They perceive us as weak to have such a government and do nothing to stop them.

I Got The Title For This Post
In Greenwich Village, New York City
On A Tee Shirt I Saw In A Poster Store On Eighth St
East, From Ave of America's Toward St Marks Place Left Side Of St.
Over 25 Years Ago,

Peace ga*

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dear President Obama Please Bring Me Peace For Christmas

(Update 1/1/10 What Was I Thinking?)

Although I Do Have extreme confidence that President Obama Is Going To Get Me My Christmas Wish.

Happy New Year To All My Friends Everywhere and Especially In *New York and New Jersey and All My New Kossack Friends* Peace Peace Peace*
I heard, a lot of you in Bayonne, got your Christmas Wish*

Peace, I know I'm going to get for the New Year.
The crazies have no choice. The world is just about to gang up on them again!
Put them out of business. You Are Exactly Right President Obama. And I know, you know how to shut them down!

Feed The World

My Christmas Letter To President Obama aka Santa Claus

*Dear President Obama Please Bring Me Peace For Christmas*

If anyone is capable of this request, I know it's you.

I have a plan.
Tell taliban and alqaeda they have until Jan 15th to surrender.

This is it!. Only way!

taliban and alqaeda are trash.
they surround themselves with women, children, old people, using them as shields.

They're hiding in all those little caves that honeycomb the Pakistani, Afghanistan mountains and surrounding areas.
You know they don't stay out in the open. That's just a ruse,

Theoretically, I'm no General, but if we eliminate their safe havens,
they will have no place to hide when we go get them.

So, (bomb all the cave entrances, when applicable).

(Update) Just aim directly at the top and cave them in.

Knowing talaban and alqaeda they probably keep the women and children in front in of the cave.
No Caves, No Hiding Places

Small bombs, drop em right on talaban and alqaeda's heads, gives the civilians a chance to run.
And no more of the depleted uranium stuff.

With our superior CIA intelligence, we can locate them
(a good geological map should show the caves that are most suitable for their purposes). (Probably where they store their weapons too).

Our technology is so advanced it enables us to see. and even know how many people are at any given location.

We can hit a group of talaban sitting around a campfire directly on target and miss the civilians fifty feet away.

(Update 12/10/09)
Revelation - Best Solution Let All the Good People in Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. immigrate to America. Then talaban will be all alone.

Anyway you look at it alqaeda and talaban are big murderers, same as Hitler. On a smaller scale.

They, like all the oppressors in the world, try it on, and if nobody does anything they get bolder.

Bosnia, Herzegovina, Beirut, Africa, Uganda, Israel, Palestine, Iran, Iraq, and the list is too long, Natural disasters, world starvation.
And bastards like alqaeda and talaban think they can attack Innocent Americans.
I Say No Way

Become a Hero Against Hunger
Mercy Corps

Help Mercy Corps fight malnutrition around the world by joining Heroes Against Hunger.
Your monthly donation goes to programs that speed food to those in need, teach vital agricultural skills or provide nutritional advice to families.
Become a Hero Against Hunger

Please Send A Dollar To

28 SW First Ave
Portland, OR 97204
attn For Children In Lebanon

6 River Terrace Battery Park City
New York, NY 10282

Action Center to End World Hunger

End it United Nations, don't expect President Obama to have to do it all by himself.
Needs to be over.

Wake Up World Leaders, Give Us talaban and alqaeda.

They are internationally wanted terrorists and criminals and we have the right to demand their surrender.

President Obama, Tell taliban and alqaeda, either they come out now or it's gonna be
No more open sesame for them!

this song is for talaban and alqaeda from me

*Woody Guthrie
All You Fascists Bound To Lose
Tell Em About it Woody

And while your at it please tell the israeli govt. and hamas they better behave!
No repeats of last years bull.

Americans are tired of fighting the world's foreign wars.
It's about time the leaders of the world all grew up and started behaving like normal people.

Where will it stop?
When will it stop?

This is the third major war in my lifetime. I cannot take much more!

*So all I want for Christmas is Peace*
Oh yeah, and a few other things

Please support Action For Soviet Jewry.

They are so poor. There are so few of them left, that a Man like you, in your position could arrange it so that they could all live out the rest of their days in comfort.

And the Roma (Gypsies) too.
Another decimated and marginalized group of people who are now basically starving.
Soviet Jewry and the Roma People need your help
badly, President Obama.

Action For Post-Soviet Jewry

*Adopt a Bubbe and or Zayde*, Why Not Get A Pair?

In A Loved One's Honor This Holiday Season*
They wouldn't want to return
A Great Gift Like They're Very Own Bubba and or Zayde

Please Send a Dollar To
Action For Post-Soviet Jewry, Inc.

24 Crescent Street, Suite 306
Waltham, MA 02453
PHONE (781) 893-2331
FAX (781) 647-9474

Also Please Support
Please Send A Dollar To
*Righting the Roma Foundation

B-4810 Mary Street
Port Alberni BC
V9Y 7H2

Thousands of European Gypsies (Roma) in Europe, are suffering from malnutrition and hypothermia, existing in cardboard communities on landfills and urban ghetto holding pens they call home.
They have no electricity, running water, education or medical care.
Please help end their suffering and act NOW...

Russian Gypsy Dance So Beautiful, So Talented
For All *My Friends In N.J*.
I remember I used to walk past with my mother, when I was a little girl and all of you used to say hi to me.
I also remember how they chased you out of town just because you were Gypsies. Then you came back and now you own the entire block. Good for you. Thank you for caring about me

And *Thank You To *The Kossack Who Reminded Me That Gypsies Dance For Entertainment
Great Everybody Can Send A Dollar Or A Donation To Right The Roma Because Schachlo Dances So Beautifully

Disabled American Veterans
Newark Vet Center

2 Broad Street
Suite 703
Bloomfield NJ 07003
attn: To Buy Christmas Gifts
For Hospitalized Veterans

And Netroots Nation
5758 Geary Blvd
PMB 303
San Francisco, CA 94121

And Please make sure all the Food Banks and Pantries are full.
People are really hurting out there.
And for the New Year could you see to it that they stay full.

Also adding Extra benefits for Families with dependent children is necessary.

And Please Support Martin House
>Martin House Martin House Community For Justice Foundation

P O Box 1025
794 East State Street
Trenton N.J 08606-1025
Telephone (609) 989-8143
Fax 609-989-0933
Director: Rev. Brian J. McCormick

Martin House Helps The Poor People of Trenton New Jersey

Children grow up wrong because of hunger and poverty.

Hunger and poverty are the number one causes of juvenile delinquency!

When they can't get it through the system, they look for it on the streets. And the streets give it to them.
And How

Lets clean up the slums. A good start; would be to at least, get rid of the roaches and rats and paint the place!

Let's make sure All of America's Children are getting enough proper food to grow up smart, happy and strong!

Improve school meal programs. Make sure every needy child gets a weekend bag of food and improve and expand summer meal programs.

*In fact, if you could support all the charities on all my blog pages that would be great too*

*The whole Country Loves *Pres Obama and Co*

Kossacks, too. If they're a little critical, it's because sometimes, many of them are correct.
They taught me a lot! I couldn't exist without all their love and support*
Even if they are a tough audience, they are Very Good People.

Save the Children, please President Obama, here and all over the world!
I know you can do it. That's why I voted for *you

I have some Christmas gifts
for you and all Pres. and Co.

Here's A Little Chanukah Present For You Too President Obama and Co.*
I Love You All. You Are True Revolutionaries One and All*

*Prayer Wheel For Our Troops*

War In The Ghetto

Rebel Music

The Miracles I'll Try Something New

*We Are The World*

All That Jazz

Thank you, Santa, I mean, President Obama

*I trust you explicitly, President Obama.
I know that you will do what is right for our troops, that you Love them as much as we do*

Addendum to my Christmas List.
Oh No
President Obama, Please Don't Let This Program Close And Be Lost*

As you know California is a Wilderness State and this kind of program is not only good for the Young People of the state, who need all the help and encouragement you can give them, but also for the State of California.
Please keep this program.

Governor Schwarzenegger has just released his proposed
2009/10 budget which includes the elimination the California
Conservation Corps (CCC)

The Back country Trails Program was established in 1979, as a special program within the California Conservation Corps, the oldest and largest conservation corps program in the world.
A proud tradition of excellence has been forged by the many members who have played a vital role helping to build, maintain, and repair trails in some of California's most magnificent wilderness areas.

Each spring, the Back country Trails Program assembles six crews of men and women, from widely diverse backgrounds, who leave behind the conveniences and luxuries of modern life and venture into the mountains to spend five exhausting months doing some of the most challenging and ultimately rewarding work of their lives. The 17 members who comprise each of these crews learn through experience the skills of trail maintenance, construction, and the process of building healthy productive communities.

The 2010 Back country Trails Program application process will open on 12/7/2009, and close 2/23/2010.

*Merry Christmas to You and Everyone*
Love ga*

ps Also Please help China and Russia and Africa, All Those Little Caribbean Countries and countries Everywhere.

Ask the United Nations To Help You Make An All Out Effort to Give The People of the World a Nice Christmas.
Show them how Peace can bring Prosperity*

You're a Very Smart Man, I heard about your plans for Afghanistan, To make talaban surrender. I knew you were working on it. Why I don't get worried like some

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Pres and Co

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Workbook For Action *Congress: S. 1963, the Caregiver and Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act of 2009

Veterans Suicide Prevention Hotline
1-800-273-TALK-(8255), Veterans Press 1

For * Peter From 14th St NYC
I hope they helped you.

****God Bless America***

Please Send A Dollar To
*Disabled American Veterans*

Newark Vet Center
2 Broad Street
Suite 703
Bloomfield NJ 07003
attn: To Buy Gifts
For Hospitalized Veterans
Are You A Homeless Veteran?
Replacing Personal Records
Where to Go For Help

Issues and Legislation
Current Action Alerts

Current Legislation
Key Bills in Congress

The Survivors Club
Thank You Author. Ben Sherwood!
The Home Loans Support Center

Emergency Personnel Tools

Resources For Other Languages

War In The Ghetto

You're Beautiful *Rebel Diaz
For All You Beautiful Young *Police Up In Fort Apache Peace*
*Rebel Diaz and *Hip Hoppers zre good kids
I Love You All*

For *Jan The Original Wonder Woman
Who taught me love for the dance.

And for *Onanyes, thank you so much for the bunny
with the pancakes on it's head


Children Learn What They Live

Crazed Sociologist ga*

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Blog Pages Are For All Of You. Use Them, Do What You Like

I created my blog for everyone who needs help.
It's for all of you.
Take it, Keep it, do what you like.
I collected it to help people and to bring them some good music .

It's My Gift Of Love To The World*

You May Be Right, I May Be Crazy, But I Take Instruction Well

Dept of Labor

Disabled American Veterans

For Veteran's Claim Appeals

Please Send A Dollar To
*Disabled American Veterans*
Newark Vet Center
2 Broad Street
Suite 703
Bloomfield NJ 07003
attn: To Buy Gifts
For *Hospitalized Veterans*

*Disabled American Veterans*

Happy Veterans Day Again Everyone.

Vanessa Anne Hudgens Never Underestimate A Girl
Thank You Vanessa for reminding me.

Fabulous Song
Listen Up Guys Take a Little Sound Advice
Never Underestimate a Girl

Crazed Sociologist ga*

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day and Here We Go Again Iran Charges Three American Hikers With Espionage


Happy Veterans Day to Everyone
Especially To Our Troops* and Veterans Everyone Here Loves You All.

Hug a G.I. And A Vet Today
As Always, I'm thinking about Our Troops. POW/MIA You Are Not Forgotten

I searched for this music especially for Our Troops And Vets.
After all it is your day,and I wanted to send my Love out to you all*

Veteran's Employment & Training Services

Dept of Labor

Please Send A Dollar To
Or If You're A Vet Who Needs Help

Vietnam Veterans Of America
8605 Cameron Street, Suite 400
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910
Phone: 301-585-4000
Fax: 301-585-0519
Toll Free: 1-800-882-1316
Locate Your Local VVA Chapter Contact VVA

Prayer Wheel For Our Military

Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands.
Protect them as they protect us. Bless Them and Their Families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. Amen.

Please Send This On After A Short Prayer.
When you receive this, please stop for a moment
and say a prayer for our Ground Troops in
Afghanistan, Sailors on ships, and Airmen in the air, and For Those in Iraq. This can be very powerful! Please Don't Break It.

Of all the gifts you could give a US Soldier,Sailor, Coast guardsman, Marine,or Airman, prayer is the very best one.Pass it on to everyone and pray.

For All Our Amazon Queen Troops/

And For My Old, Old, Friend Patricia W and Her Sisters.I'm thinking of you again.

This Link's For All of You Wonder Woman

If You're A Vet Who Needs Help Contact

The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans (NCHV)
333 ½ Pennsylvania Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20003-1148
Toll Free: 800.VET.HELP
Fax: 202.546.2063
Toll Free Fax: 888.233.8582

I Love You Guys

Here We go again!
Iran charges three Americans with espionage

By Borzou Daragahi Los Angeles Times
November 9, 2009 | 9:15 a.m
Iran charges three Americans with espionage
Shane Bauer, Sarah Shourd and Joshua Fattal were arrested during what their families describe as a hiking expedition near the Iran-Iraq border. U.S. officials urge Tehran to exercise compassion.
Reporting from Doha, Qatar Three Americans arrested by Iranian authorities last summer during what their families describe as a hiking expedition along the Iran-Iraq border now face espionage charges, a leading Iranian judiciary official said today.
What is Iran trying to pull? I suppose this is their response to Israel and the U S having practice war maneuvers.

Iran doesn't really think that the West is going to let them have nuclear weapons. They know the answer is no already
. So what's all the posturing about.

Even that crazy guy in N. Korea (wrong way charlie), has calmed down.
Guess he figured, his stuff is so old, (looks like Korean war surplus to me) that he better stop sending up missiles or one might fall back down, on his head!
Iran is in worse shape militarily, so why fool around.

American's Want Those Hostages Back Right Now, Today, Immediately!

Note To Iranian Government
Stop Wasting Time. Get With The Program. Tell Your Grievances to the United Nations.

Become part of the World instead of against it. Otherwise you will be out there by yourselves. No prosperity without Peace!
You are at the very least, extremely foolish, to start with America.

We believe One American = All Americans.
So don't be stupid just give them back. You know darn well that these people were not commuting espionage.

*Thank A Vet For Your Freedom*


Brought to You by that Crazed Sociologist/Media Fanatic

Love, Peace, Justice* and Harmony ga*

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Duppy Conqueror Election Fever Subsides

Employment and Training Administration
(ETA) programs, resources and online tools help workers in all stages of the job and career development. Explore what is available by choosing a topic below.

If You Need Help In California

Bob Marley* Duppy Conqueror

Election Fever finally subsides. But hey, we gotta get the word out.
And that word is


Revolution within the system. What an interesting concept.

Not a new one certainly
I'm just a student of many great minds.

I Love Abbie Hoffman. I've been in love with Abbie Hoffman since I was 17 years old.

Nobody ever noticed me. Oh well, have to love myself! And I do.

Proud to Be, If They Would Let Me Be, A Yippie!

For My Son Danny*
Ziggy Marley We Propose

Please Send A Dollar To
Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, Inc.
231 East Baltimore Street
Suite 800
Baltimore Maryland 21202
Toll Free Phone 1-800-421-8453

Due to the fact that I'm a little tired, Hectic life, I'm just going to share a few of my favorite songs with everyone. Just to celebrate an election day, that did in the end, turn out very favorably, for the Democrats in NJ.
Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah*

So as Betty Davis* said "Fasten your seat
belts, it's gonna be a bumpy ride"

Bob Marley EXODUS

I Love You All*
Peace*, Love*, Justice* and Prosperity*

Thursday, November 5, 2009

So Governor Corzine Lost, What Else Is New In N. J. Politics?

Good Luck Governor Elect Christie.
I'm willing to give you a chance. I don't have anything against all Republicans,
I just think being a Democrat is better!

For All My Friends* In Bayonne
Afeni Shakur* TuPac Ghetto Gospel*
Those Who Wish To Follow Me, I Welcome With My Hands
Peace To This Young Warrior, Without The Sound Of Guns
I Want To Follow You. Let's save the Young People of America, Right On*
God Bless You TuPac*

I personally like Jon Corzine. I think that he is an honest man.
The reason Corzine lost his bid for re election is that He didn't know how to play the game, New Jersey politics are tricky.
Corzine didn't know how to run the New Jersey Political Machine.
The machine ran him.

In plain language he wasn't tough enough and everybody walked all over him.
He didn't know how to "Lay Down The Law"

Naturally, they all ignored anything he told them to do.
Boy did they dance around him!

Chris Cristie's winning may do good after all.
Since he was The U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey maybe he can get the guns and drugs off the streets once and for all

Note to Governor Christie
You have your work cut out for you as our new Governor.
We the citizens of NJ, hope that you are prepared for the challenge you have decided to undertake!
We want you to make Gun Control and The Elimination Of Drugs And Guns
Your Top Priority!

I'm not talking on the street level either! These people are just
victims of the government's failure to arrest and prosecute the
traffickers, higher up's and ring leaders.

Something needs to be done about all the illegal guns on the street.
There are so many illegal guns in America, we're responsible for the flood of them being exported to Mexico. I believe in the right to bear arms. There just needs to be very serious reform in the ways people are allowed to purchase them.

Governor Christie, you need to create some kind of mandate to address and solve this problem immediately!
How you handle this matter will dictate the tone of your future as Governor.

And implement a good Drug Education Program for our schools.
Let's teach our children the facts about drugs, before the streets do!

*And let's make sure these kids are getting enough to eat so they can be happy, healthy and think clearly. Let's increase benefits to families with dependent children and school meal programs!

Those old anti drug tv commercials were really good. You could make new ones and include anti violence strategies as well as the anti drug messages.

My Dear Old High School Principal, Mr. Alexander O'Connor, himself, always told us that someday he was going to catch us smoking and that "A Word To The Wise Is Sufficient".

He also said "Forewarned Is Forearmed". We didn't like either saying back then, but it's all so true!
Although, we love Mr. O'Connor. I would have never graduated without his help! !

Gunfire Hits Two People, Ending A Jersey City House Party

By Michaelangelo Conte/The Jersey Journal
October 20, 2009, 5:20AM

Gunfire that blasted through a window and wounded two men Sunday put an end to a Jersey City house party after an argument broke out with people who did not want to pay the cover to be admitted, reports said.

When officers arrived at Bergen and Ege avenues at about 12:30 a.m. they found a 27-year-old Rose Street man in the residence. He said "I'm shot in the leg. They shot through the window," reports said.

A 31-year old Washington, D.C., man took off running after hearing gunfire, but when he got to the corner of Morton Place and Kennedy Boulevard he realized he had been shot in the ankle, reports said.

Witnesses told police there was a cover charge to enter the party and the fight broke out between the Rose Street man and people who did not want to pay to get in. The resident of the home said she was upstairs when she heard eight shots ring out, reports said.

Police spoke to more than 20 people attending the party but were able to gather little information on the shooter, reports said. They all said they heard the shots being fired outside and tried to hide, reports said.

Both victims were taken to the Jersey City Medical Center for treatment, reports said.
Anyone with information on the shooting is asked to call the Jersey City police tip line at (201) 547-JAIL.

Please Send A Dollar
Or A Donation To
Southwest Indian Children's Fund

P.O. Box 906
Broken Arrow, OK 74013
Phone: (928) 526-2211
*For every dollar they can provide up to 9 meals*

On The Lighter Side

Even Sounds Phony To Me

Hudson County named in pay-to-play lawsuit
By Melissa Hayes/The Jersey Journal
October 30, 2009, 4:26PM

Hudson County is the subject of the state's first known pay-to-play lawsuit.
CFG Health Systems is accusing the county of circumventing the law when it awarded a contract for medical services at its corrections and juvenile detention centers to a campaign donor and former employee.

CFG, of Evesham, filed the suit against Hudson County, the county Board of Freeholders and Correctional Health Services LLC in Hudson County Superior Court this week. The suit seeks to have the contract voided.

Geoffrey Perselay, president of Correctional Health Services, is a former county administrator who also served as acting warden of the corrections center.
Hudson County spokesman James Kennelly called the suit baseless.

Verification of Disclosure

There is an important difference between the two laws that must be taken into account during this review. The PCD includes contributors that are not barred from making reportable contributions: i.e., a contribution from a partner with less than 10% ownership (or a spouse) must be reported on the PCD, but the contribution is not barred under Chapter 19 (only someone with 10% ownership or more is barred from contributing).

*Ginger Rogers and *The Gold Diggers Of 1933 We're in the Money

Funny, Funny ga*

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

1. I'm Thankful that I was born in America.
2. I'm Thankful that i have never known hunger, unless I brought it on myself.
3. I'm thankful I had good parents who took care of me.
4. I'm thankful that President Obama Got Elected.
5. I'm thankful that I'm so smart.

It is easy to hate and it is difficult to love. This is how the whole scheme of things works. All good things are difficult to achieve; and bad things are very easy to get.

Please Send A Dollar To
Catholic Relief Services
Operation Rice Bowl
10 Pumpshire Road
Toms River, NJ 08753
Phone: 732-504-0040
Diocesan Director: Mary Goss

For all the Ko's Kossacks in Gratitude For All their Advice and Guidance
I Wish You All the Best World for taking me in.
Thank You ga*

Love to Everyone from me

Please Send A Dollar To
National Relief Charities
500 E. Peyton St.
Sherman, TX 75090
Toll-fee (800) 416-8102

Love and Justice ga*

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Am A Rock

*For Jackie Jones From Second Ave, Near the Filmore East, NYC*
You know Jackie, she used to live over the Fireman's Bar*
Jackie said to tell all you guys she still loves you.
Jackie Always said *Offer It Up*

And For The People Who Treated Me So Nice at the Pow Wow*
I still have the little green glass stone I bought.
I would like to dance in the Circle again sometime.
Thank You!
Cherokee Morning Song*
A Beautiful *Native American Song

St. Joseph’s Indian School
A residential and educational facility serving Native American youth ages 6-18. St. Joseph’s provides a holistic array of services including education, group home living, counseling services, and religious education, while promoting the Native American Sioux Culture. The organization provides group homes and an on-campus school for students grades 1-8 and group home support for high school students that attend Chamberlain Public High School.

Please Send a Dollar
Or A Donation To
St. Joseph's Indian School

P.O. Box 89
Chamberlain, SD 57326
Attn: Donor Services
Tel (605) 234-3300

Prayer Requests
(605) 234-3300
St. Joseph's Indian School
Attn: Prayer Request
Chamberlain, SD 57326

Please Send A Dollar
Or A Donation To
Jen's Friends
Cancer Foundation
PO Box 1842
North Conway, NH 03860

Jen's Friends

How Can I Help?


Monday, November 2, 2009

God Save Ireland

The Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform (ILIR) is fighting for the voice of the estimated 50,000 undocumented Irish in the immigration debate.
ILIR IS A Voice for Change

Lacie Madison Video Channel
Irish Music

For My Grandfather *Michael Murphy
It Really Looked Like You* And Boy Did I Need All The Help I Could Get.
I Love You*

Please Send A Dollar To
Daughters of Charity
St Catherine's Provincial House
Dunardagh, Blackrock
Co Dublin
Republic of Ireland

And Or To
Please Send A Dollar To
Vest N' P.D.P.*
1201 Vista Dr
Socorro NM 87801
attn: Susie Jean

For the Port Authority Police, the NYC Police and the NYC Firemen who all saved my life more than once.
Thank you always!

Wolfe Tones Streets of New York

US Immigration Information

More Great Irish Music and Immigration Information

High Kings Irish Pub
*For *The Little People One and All*
And Especially The Little One Who Apparently stowed away with me when I came back from Ireland, You Have Been A Tremendous help all these years, even if I didn't know you were there. And You've Outdone Yourself this time. I'm glad you're home again, I know I saw a little flutter. I'm safe now.*Thank You* See You In *Clare Soon*

Peace* Love* Justice* and Harmony*

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mischief Night Frantics

Peaceful Resolution* We Win*
President Obama was elected and now we're going to have a Real Revolution!

A Peaceful Solution-Willie Nelson

Mischief Night, a good night to stay home and listen to all the best music videos. Get a pizza, some chips, soda's etc. and Party all night with me!

Tomorrow night, Halloween, is the night, free candy. What more could a person want? Except a donation to UNICEF too.*

Check out my website, I have many new radical's jukeboxes.

Hire a Veteran Now

Mind Control Mischief Night Frantics


Mind Control
by me

First Rule

Isolate the Victim.

Second Rule
Convince them that they like it.

Third Rule

Recruit and Convince Accomplices.

Fourth Rule
Argue with the victim.

Fifth Rule

Leave occasionally (randomly but consistently).

Sixth Rule

Beat the victim occasionally, threaten often.!

Seventh Rule
Never let the victim forget you are superior to them.

Eighth Rule

Pretend Nothing's Going On.

Stay Around I'm Having A
HOWLING Good Party All Weekend

Terrify the enemy with rock and roll*Warren Zevon Werewolves Of London

Please Send a Dollar To
Martin House Martin House Community For Justice Foundation
P O Box 1025
794 East State Street
Trenton N.J 08606-1025
Telephone (609) 989-8143
Fax 609-989-0933
Director: Rev. Brian J. McCormick
Martin House Helps The Poor People of Trenton

The Day The NYSE Went Yippie

The Lady, or the Tiger?

*Lucky Number*

Aiou, Werewolves of London Again!