Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Semper Idem Et *Semper Fidelis* That's What You Said* I Love You Joe, You Are Good, Even When You're Bad You Make Me Laugh

Netroots for the Troops
Raises money for the assembly, mailing and delivery of care packages to American military in war zones, and to provide assistance to military families in the United States.

Please Send A Dollar
Or A Donation To

Netroots for the Troops, Inc.
P.O. Box 814
Tyrone, GA 30290

What Did You Think I Was Going To Say Joe, After 33 Years!
Soon Too!

Note To Joe
You didn't really think you were going to pull that off
St. Patrick's Day?
I've seen that flash and it's not like you never did that to me before!
Like I've said "I know Your ways".

I Do Love You Crazy Boy, who could stay mad at someone as crazy as you are!
And accompanied with a list of valid excuses.

I do get mad sometimes, but Kevin just looked too hysterical, drunk in that Leprechaun hat and every time I think of it I laugh!
You better get me outta here soon. My sense of humor is running out!

Find State Resources For Veterans
Toll-Free Help Line
For Help With Federal Employment And Training Programs


Veterans Suicide Prevention Hotline
1-800-273-8255 (TALK)
Veterans Press

For *Jimmy L
You were right about him. He's a lot of work, but he's worth it!
(Update 3/25/10)
For Sure You Steered Me Right Jimmy.
He's up here and He's worse than ever.
I could never have left him, for the bitches he picks up with, to abuse and demoralize him.
Thanks Always. I Won't Forget You!
You Are Joe's Best Friend!
You, And His Mother And Yeah, Even His Crazy Father, And Me.
*Don't Worry, I'll Take Good Care Of Him*



Guide For Veterans In Their Civilian Job Search

Disabled American Veterans* Of New Jersey

U S Department of Veterans Affairs Locater

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
10 Vermont Avenue NW
Washington DC 20420
VA Benefits: 1-800-827-1000
VA Govt Directory

Veteran Grants

NJ Veteran Business Grants
Department of Military & Veterans Affairs
P.O. Box 340
Trenton, NJ 08625-0340

Department of Housing & Urban Development

Housing Prices Still Very Low and Falling
Properties To Buy Still Numerous!
Don't Pay Rent To A Landlord, pay the money to yourself.
When You Own Land You Have Political Power.

Check This Out For More Good Links

Nationwide Veterans Tuition Awards And Other Veteran Information

Please Send A Dollar
Or A Donation To
Disabled American Veterans

Newark Vet Center
2 Broad Street
Suite 703
Bloomfield NJ 07003
attn: To Buy Gifts
For Hospitalized Veterans

New York State Veterans Tuition Awards

Homes For Veterans New York State Program

Useful Links State Of New York

Department of Military & Veterans Affairs
P.O. Box 340
Trenton, NJ 08625-0340

I thought some of you might like this bit of Disabled American Veteran's History.
I would love to be a Trench Rat.
National Order of Trench Rats History

The National Order Of Trench Rats was conceived by a group of Disabled World War I Veterans who were patients in United State Public Heath Service Hospital No. 54 Located at Arrowhead Springs, California. Because of the shortage of beds following WWI, this hospital, like many others, had been converted out of a building formerly used for other purposes. This particular building in which the hospital was housed had been a well-known hotel located on the side of a mountain about seven miles from the city of San Bernardino. The Name “Trench Rats“ was adopted as it is symbolic of the rats which the World War I veterans encountered in the trenches in France.

Some of the patients were members of Los Angeles Chapter of the DAV. The hospital was isolated and there were no activities for the patients to pass the time, the majority of whom were ambulatory. A few members of this Chapter conceived the idea of organizing a group of the most active members in a secret, fraternal society and devised an initiation ceremony for fun and amusement and invited for membership only those DAV members who were most active in the chapter. As a result of this, most of the patients became members of the DAV and its delegates to the National Convention in Salt Lake City in 1924 were able to get the N.O.T.R. officially recognized as an Auxiliary of the DAV.

The N.O.T.R. is a secret, fraternal and honor organization limiting its membership by selection only to those who show their devotion and meritorious service to the DAV and the welfare of the disabled veterans, his widow and orphans. As a result of this limitation, non-members have been encouraged to become more active in their Chapters and sign up new members in the DAV, this being one of the qualifications for membership. The trench rats are proud of this contribution to the DAV and the fact that many projects adopted by dugouts in their local communities have helped publicize and enhance the name and prestige of our parent organization. The National and State rendezvous of the Trench Rats have long been recognized as the highlight of the entertainment programs of the DAV conventions and have contributed greatly to the attendance. In the early year of the DAV, when it was in financial trouble and having a difficult time supporting and extending its service officer program, the N.O.T.R. raised and contributed funds for this purpose. In recent years they have contributed to the Disable American Veterans Service Foundation to assist the Legislative programs of the DAV and to the Memorial Honor Roll of Beneficiaries of the perpetual Rehabilitation Fund. Over $76,000 has been raised and contributed for these purposes.

Much could be said the difficulties the Organization encountered in the early struggle to survive. Recognition should be given not only to those who participated in its founding, but to all of those members who worked so hard over the years helping build the N.O.T.R. to the high position it now holds and to those who continue to sell its aims and purposes. Their names are legion, many have passed away and even to mention a few would be unfair to all the others, but recognition must be given to the one responsible for it all and that is the founder, Volney P. Mooney, who was the first Imperial Golden Rodent. He later became commander of Chapter No. 5 in Los Angeles, Department Commander of California, and National Judge Advocate for Eight years and was elected National Commander of the DAV in 1934. To him and to all of those living and dead who contributed so much to the N.O.T.R. over the fifty years of its existence, this history is dedicated. Their names are inscribed in the archives of this order; they were tried and found true to their trust, to their obligations and to their own consciences. We know that membership in this organization inspired all of them with the incentive to further the welfare of our disabled comrades.

Semper Fidelis
Love ga*

Friday, September 24, 2010

Enough Is Too Much! Why Are Young People Shooting Each Other?

Murdered Man Studied At NJCU, Was Preparing For Navy
Saturday, September 11, 2010

Every time I read the Jersey Journal I just get angrier and angrier at the Stupidity that's going on out there on the streets!

I'm Calling On All Who Have The Power, Turn This Trend Around immediately!

Like Role Models. Reverend Jackson, Reverend Sharpton, Sports And Media Stars, etc.
Tell The Young People The Truth!
Tell Them Plymouth Rock Isn't Just Landing On Them, They're hitting each other over the head with it!

We All Need To Stand Up And Reach Out To And Teach
what's right for the benefit of today's young people.
I know Rev. Jackson and Sharpton you've spent a lifetime doing this, but some of the Media is a really bad influence!
It was in my day and it still is!

This Is The Time For A New Revamping Of
"People Empowerment"!

Give these young people the resources to understand that they are killing each other and themselves, for nothing, chump change!

Music and Media stars. Don't make movies and music that belittles yourselves, and sends an absolutely wrong message to young people!
Make Movies And Music That Are Educational.
They can still spread the message of what goes on without graphic language. etc!

Money, gold jewelry, big houses and cars are not all that!
All that glitters may be gold, but gold is heavy!

Stay away from the meth amphetamine especially!
This is not a drug!
It's Poison

I Really Love You All!
You Are Like My Own Children Or Grandchildren.
My heart goes out to the young people, throwing their lives away, for No Reason!
I was a teenager in the sixties.
Been There, Done That!

This Is The Song That First Enlightened Me To The Fact That Others Were Less Fortunate Than I.
Yes, I Did Make This Pact With Michael Jackson,
Way Back in 67' (aprox.)
When He First Sang It.
Everyone Loved Michael, So Talented!

BackPack Program


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

*The Best Of My Best pt 1 A Good Labor Day To Everyone!

For Dr. Joe Drew- *Best Media Teacher Anywhere*

7 Generations for Native Americans in Maine and New Hampshire is a non-profit group, all volunteers.
We raise money, collect food and house hold goods for Native Americans in Maine and New Hampshire. Information

Please Send A Dollar Or A Donation To
7 Generations for Native Americans
164 Lamplighter Park
North Conway NH 03860

Phone 603-447-6382

Prayer Wheel For Our Troops Lord Hold Our Troops In Your Hands

President Obama To Make PTSD Claims More Just

*Fourth Of July Tribute To Our Troops and Veterans*

Nominate The Bob Marley Family For The Nobel Peace Prize

Solidarity Forever This Labor Day And Always!

World Solidarity Together,Against the oppressors!

*Click (On Top) Title *Calling All Crows*
Otherwise It Will Take You To State Radio

Nicholas Brothers Lucky Number

How To Apply For Financial Aid And Scholarships

War In The Ghetto -NJ Law-Unlicensed Possession of A Handgun Carries A Prison Sentence of 5 to 10 Years

Why Me? Dedicated To The People Of New York City All The Responders & Everyone, Everywhere, Affected By War, Violence, and Injustice

Playing for Change Through Music Song Around the World

Participating Member Food Bank Locator

Feeding America - Workbook for Feeding America's Hungry

Food Bank For New York City

Who's Hungry in America? pt 1 New York City Health and Health Insurance Statistics and Other Good Links for Food and Housing

Who's Hungry in America? pt 2

You Gotta Be Kidding Me! - Senate Cuts Food Stamp Funds

The Hunger Site
Free Ways to Help

Help Cure A Child of Leprosy

Selma to Montgomery March (1965)

Love, Peace, Justice and Harmony