Wednesday, March 23, 2011

21 yr. Old Jersey City Man Shot! NJ

Everyone, Please Stop Warring Amongst Yourselves! Divide and Conquer, one of the oldest tricks around!

Too Many To Count African American Heroes! Individuals From All Walks Of Life, Whose Work Should Help Others To Remember That It Is Possible To Make A Difference!

Rev. Jesse Jackson
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Update 8/7/11
The Jersey Journal/Hudson County
Published Saturday, August 06, 2011
by Jean-Pierre Mestanza
Jersey City Man Shot At More Than 25 Times Dies From Bullet That Entered His Back!
The 12:17 a.m. incident began at Ocean and Winfield Avenues.
Late night shooting in Jersey City leaves 21-year-old dead, officials say
You Gotta Be Trying To Kid Me!

A 21-year-old Jersey City man was found lying on the sidewalk dead of an apparent gunshot wound after police responded to a report of a shooting near Ocean and Pearsall Avenues, according to Hudson County Prosecutor Edward DeFazio.

What's going on! You Guys know better than to live like this. I know where these streets are. I used to wait on Ocean Ave. to get the bus to the Mall. I felt that safe there 5 years ago! Yeah I knew there was some violence but from what I've been reading here in the Jersey Journal, you are all killing yourselves and each other. I don't know you personally, but I probably went to school with your Grandmothers!

And if you're reading this, you know that everything I say about my life in Bayonne is all true and that I am giving you all the best advice anyone ever gave you! Go to Bayonne, ask about Georgia! Watch eyes roll. You don't even need a last name, they'll know who you mean!

Stop the violence now! Bad drugs, fools, you get mad at somebody and shoot them, but you don't get mad at the garbage drugs out there on the street, and continue to buy and take them like sheep, and you also go for buying those cheap second hand, go off in a second guns!

Let me think, If I Can Remember, Oh yeah, guns, bad drugs, alcohol, being 21 and uneducated = A Lethal Combination! Stop and think about what I'm saying. I know, I was 21 too, a long time ago, before the mind control!

Man Is Killed In Newark's Third Shooting In Four Days

Organize For Peace!
It's The Division Of The People That's Screwing Up Everything!
One People, With One Goal. To Make Their Lives Better!

We Really Need To, And Will Be Able To Save The Children Coming Up!

Organize, Structure, Tolerance!
Make Your Own Peace, Don't Expect The Man Or Anyone, To Do What's Good For You.

I Care About All Of You, And I Want You To Succeed At Having A Good Life!

War In The Ghetto

The Juvenile Collateral Consequences Project is an endeavor undertaken by the American Bar Association to document and analyze the significant hardships experienced by youth who have come in contact with the juvenile justice system. These hardships, known as collateral consequences affect youth who have successfully completed a sentence imposed by the court. The hardships include barriers to education, employment, and public benefits.

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