Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Remember two can play your game

To A Certain Someone You Know Who You Are

Get off my back and never talk to my boyfriend again, or I will call Jesus again and this time I'll have a specific request like. Avenge Me Lord!
Remember two can play your game.

Really Ask Anyone who knows me

Tough Luck Sucker

ps Biddy And Helen are Nice Ladies so stop slandering them.
Oh yeah and a Fairy recorded when you said you were going to get rid of my boyfriend and I heard you say it with your own voice. Don't make an enemy of the Fairies you would really be dumb to continue any further.

You can fool some of the people all of the time
and you can fool all the people some of the time.
But you can't fool all the people all the time!

Thank You Cousin Biddy. We're gonna build a Shrine to you when we get to County Clare***
Well a Charitable Foundation in Your Name Really. Just like you took care of everyone way back when etc.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mind Control

Mind Control
by me

First Rule
Isolate the Victim.

Second Rule
Convince them that they like it.
Oh No,
Stockholm Syndrome!

Third Rule
Recruit and Convince Accomplices.

Fourth Rule
Argue with the victim.

Fifth Rule
Leave occasionally (randomly but consistently).

Sixth Rule
Beat the victim occasionally physically or emotionally, threaten often!
Demoralize them to the point that they believe anything you tell them as truth!

Seventh Rule
Never let the victim forget you are superior to them.

Eighth Rule
Pretend Nothing's Going On.


Please Send A Dollar
Or A Donation To
AIDS Research Alliance

1400 S. Grand Ave., Suite 701
Los Angeles, CA 90015

AIDS Research Alliance: Our Vision and Mission

AIDS Research Alliance
From Wikipedia

Peace ga*

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Free Hugs And*Thank You To All The Fabulous Musical Artists Without Whom None Of This Would Be Possible With Love From A *Jersey Girl*

It isn't enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn't enough to believe in it. One must work at it.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Please Send a Dollar To
War Child International
401 Richmond Street West,
Suite 204,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5V3A8

Tel: (416) 971-7474
Fax: (416) 971-7946

War Child (charity) wikipedia

Jon Bon Jovi & *Pavarotti Let it Rain

Free Hugs

U2 & *Pavarotti *Ave Maria*

Love conquers all.

Peace and Love

Sunday, January 3, 2010

*War In The Ghetto 2 *For My Friends On The Lower East Side NYC-NEWS BULLETIN 8/17/10 Housing Prices Still Very Low and Falling

Ellis Island
The Goal of The Bowery Mission & Kids With A Promise is to be the most effective provider of compassionate care and life transformation for hurting people in New York City.
In 2009, The Bowery Mission & Kids With A Promise Programs & Services
Provided homeless men and women with more than 346,500 meals, 73,000 nights of shelter and 43,000 articles of clothing, as well as showers, haircuts, 575 professional doctor’s appointments and 48 eye examinations

Please Send a Dollar Or A Donation To
The Bowery Mission
Administrative Headquarters
132 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10016
Telephone 1-800-269379-1

Housing Prices Still Very Low and Falling Properties To Buy Still Numerous!

Don't Pay Rent To A Landlord, pay the money to yourself!
When You Own Land You Have Political Power.

(I think all you drug merchants Should Become Real Estate Moguls! It's Lucrative, Legal And A Lot Safer)!

The opportunity for many people to own land, buy at its truer value, is right there and you know you heard it here!
There's still a lot of property out there that's begging to be bought up cheap!

The Official Web Site of The City of Los Angeles
Homes For Sale Los Angeles Enter Zip Code Or City/Town Name For Homes For Sale In Your Area.

If you are not homeless yet, it may be possible to avoid becoming homeless by finding out about prevention or emergency assistance programs in your area. Often these programs can help in paying rent, utilities, or bills. If you are homeless now, emergency assistance programs may help with temporary shelter, or security deposits and/or first month's rent.

If You’re Homeless or Need Help Contact
National Coalition For The Homeless
2201 P St NW
Washington, DC 20037
US Foreclosure Laws

If You Are Homeless help is available! , along with many other federal agencies, funds programs to help the homeless.
HUD programs are managed by local organizations that provide a range of services, including shelter, food, counseling, and jobs skills programs. So start by contacting a homeless assistance agency in your area.

Invisible People TV

Lost Awareness
A Day in the Life ....

This Song Is For All The People Who Keep The School Sparkling For Us
You always took really good care of me when I used to go around hanging my stuff on the bulletin boards.
Your Friendship Means So Much To Me!
Thank You*
May You All Have The Best World Ever, Always!

Find A College Or University By State
Ed Gov

Cab Calloway School Of The Arts


New York University (NYU)
44 West 4th Street
New York, NY 10012-1106
(212) 998-4040
New York University-wikipedia
Undergraduate Education

New York University School of Law

About NYU Law
A financial aid package at NYU takes into account both financial need and academic merit. Although merit-based scholarships are available, NYU is committed to using the vast majority of its scholarship funds to assist students whose families are unable to pay the full cost of an NYU education. All students are automatically considered, and there is no separate application necessary for NYU scholarships.
Financial Aid And Scholarships-Types Of Financial Aid

Howard University

Howard Educational Directory
Howard University
Howard University-wikipedia

Howard University School of Law

2900 Van Ness Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20008-1154
(202) 237-0948
About Howard School Of Law
Financial Aid And Scholarships

Art Finds It's Corner In The East Village

Get Some Education.
It's easy. Do a little. You can learn a lot.

All you have to do is get half way decent marks in high school.
Stay home at night, do some homework. Nobody has to be a genius to get into college nowadays.
Mr. O'Connor (Our Wonderful Bayonne High Principal), used to say,
A word to the wise is sufficient.

We didn't like his sayings much back then, but they're so true, and he was such a Wonderful Man!

How Cities Can Improve After-School Opportunities For More Kids

Please Send A Dollar Or A Donation To
Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Suite 202
155 Washington St
Newark NJ
(973) 242-1200

Boys & Girls Club of America
123 Jefferson St
Hoboken, NJ
‎(201) 963-6443

About The Wooden Floor

The Wooden Floor

1810 N. Main Street
Santa Ana, CA 92706
Phone: 714-541-8314
Fax: 714-541-2150

The Learn To Be Fountain
Free Online Tutoring K-8
Ways To Help

The Kids In Need Foundation distributed more than $300 million in school supplies to low-income schools free of charge
* Serves 1.6 million students and 100,000 teachers annually
* Has awarded $1 million in grants to teachers

Please Send A Dollar
Or A Donation To

(Or If Your School Needs Help Contact)
The Kids In Need Foundation
3077 Kettering Blvd.
Suite 114
OH 45439
phone +1-937-296 1230
How You Can Help

Illustration Getting
The people playing with Santana had to audition to get the job. They were the Best
Music is a good illustration because it is a craft. If you start learning it when you are very young and you work hard at practicing, you can be the best too.
This Is Just One Example of How Not Wasting Your Youth can really make a difference in a person's life.

Divide and Conquer

Illustration Gang Violence
I don't get it. You guys are all so Beautiful you could be movie stars or models. Don't fight. Peacefully consolidate.
Learn how to Own Your Life, Don't Let Life Own You!
Don't let the old ways of thinking keep you back. You can be anything you want to be!

Hate Hurts The Hater!

Hate is ok. But to dwell on it is counter-productive.
The ones you hate don't care if you hate them or they wouldn't be such bad people that anyone would hate them. I think that they probably like it. It probably makes them feel more powerful.

Blind Hate distracts you from the business of everyday living.
You spend all the time you could be productive, obsessing on people who don't care. Instead of doing things to make your own life good!
Blind hate is unreasonable. Everyone is an individual. While you waste your mind with negativity you might turn an angel away from your door!

I started listening to Bob Marley in the 80's.I decided to take up his cause for Peace in the world.Thus my blog.

It's a new world out here. Especially with Pres. Obama. He'll help anyone who wants it. Get an education. It's the easy way to make big money. Look at those guys on Wall St.
My heart and prayers go out to you all!

People don't have to fight over the chump change that you get from dealing with the illegal stuff.This isolates you and keeps you poor.
It gives society a excuse to deny you what they owe everybody.

I'm old but I'm not old enough, not to be shocked at the War In The Ghetto!
This is really dumber than race hatred.
You're all being convinced it's cool to kill each other. Why, is a mystery to me!
I'm not butting in but I think that you are all really smart people, smarter than a lot of people!

Bob Marley is right, someone has to save the good people of the world.
You know what, your rights are my rights.
Civil rights help everybody!
I know it's a rat race out there.

But you know the rich didn't get rich because some fairy godmother tapped them with a wand.
They know how to get, and keep.

We really have to break out of this mind controlled like 1984 type society we're experiencing (I read that book).
Break free and as Bob Marley says Stand up for your Rights.

Knowledge is Power!

Worth more than all the chump change in the world!
If You Control a Person's Thoughts, You Control them!

Supply And Demand

There are only so many resources to go around and you know the stronger physically will always try to take it away from the weaker. It's the history of the world you gotta be quicker than everyone else

My mother always said the trick was to be smarter, than they are.
That way no one can talk bad about you.

it's a good racket to say that property values are low in a neighborhood because of crime and then buy up the good properties cheap.

Street drugs are definitely Just Some Chemical Junk, that somebody made up, in their basement.
Pharmaceutical drugs are definitely Just Some Chemical Junk, That Some Chemist Made Up In A Pharmaceutical Company's basement.

Neither are made from natural substances. The chemicals they use you would not give to an animal you loved. Definitely not for human Consumption!
It's All Poison, Really, Really, Really!
I am the voice of experience!

Take my word,don't even smoke reefer.

It Is A Very Addictive Drug, Like Tobacco,
If you smoke it Once, You Will Get Psychologically Hooked For Life!
Very Expensive.

You'll end up working just to support your reefer habit.
Please Don't Even Try It*

Get yourself a pizza and soda, or a burger and fries.

Go to a movie, buy yourself something you've been wanting.
Do something that's real fun!
You'll enjoy it much better than getting beat out of your money half the time too.
Save your money. Don't throw it away

Fame*Remember My Name

This Song Only Plays On YouTube
Click On Title On Top, Or Bottom Right Corner

The People's Organization for Progress POP Aims and Purposes What is the People's Organization for Progress?

*Never Be Bullied Into Silence.
Never Allow Yourself To Be Made A Victim.
Accept No One's Definition Of Your Life.
Define Yourself.*

*Harvey Fierstein
*The Times Of Harvey Milk*

Hervey's Story Has So Touched My Heart Since It Happened!
George Moscone
Harvey Milk

Adios and

Friday, January 1, 2010

*Good Morning Starshine Happy New Year To All The Good People In The World

You Are Now Entering The Age Of Aquarius
Fasten Your Seat Belts
It's Gonna Be A Bumpy Ride

Astrological meaning of the Age of Aquarius

Ages are believed by some astrologers to affect mankind while other astrologers believe the ages correlate to the rise and fall of mighty civilizations and cultural tendencies.

Aquarius traditionally "rules" electricity, computers, flight, democracy, freedom, humanitarianism, idealists, modernization, rebels and rebellion, and astrology.

Other keywords and ideas believed associated with Aquarius are nonconformity, philanthropy, veracity, perseverance, mankind and irresolution.

The appearance or elevation in status of many of these Aquarian developments over the last few centuries is considered by many astrologers to indicate the proximity of the Aquarian age.

There is no uniform agreement about the relationship of these recent Aquarian developments and the Age of Aquarius. Some astrologers believe that the influence of a New Age is experienced before it arrives because of a cuspal effect or Orb of Influence. Other astrologers believe the appearance of Aquarian developments indicate the actual arrival of the Age of Aquarius.

Vera Reid takes a common position expressed by many astrologers and New Agers about the Age of Aquarius. Reid sees the Age of Aquarius as that time when humankind takes control of the Earth and its own destiny as its rightful heritage. As such, humankind will become the "Son of God". Reid believed that the keyword for Aquarius is 'enlightenment'. The destiny of humankind in the Age of Aquarius is the revelation of truth and the expansion of consciousness.

Reid also believed that the many crises the world is experiencing are attributable to the waning days of the Age of Pisces meeting the incoming tide of Aquarius, with the transition between ages lasting approximately 280 years. Reid also promoted the idea that some people will experience mental enlightenment in advance of others and therefore be recognized as the new leaders in the world

Astrological Age

Government Information by Topic

For All *My Friends In NJ
I remember I used to walk past with my mother, when I was a little girl and all of you would say hi to me.
I also remember how they chased you out of town just because you were Gypsies. Then you came back and now you own the entire block. Good for you. Thank you for caring about me

Please Send A Dollar To
Righting the Roma Foundation
B-4810 Mary Street
Port Alberni BC
V9Y 7H2
e mail

Thousands of European Gypsies (Roma) in Europe, are suffering from malnutrition and hypothermia, existing in cardboard communities on landfills and urban ghetto holding pens they call home. They have no electricity, running water, education or medical care.
Please help end their suffering and act NOW...

Happy New Year
Love, Peace And Justice