Sunday, April 21, 2013

Every Picture Tells A Story

Alicia Keys in Africa, Journey to the Motherland

Keep A Child Alive

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This is not a drug!
It's Poison!


Help Cure a Child of Leprosy Now Please

I'm Sitting Here Listening To *Bob Marley.
I've Decided To Take Up His Cause.

World Poverty And Peace Are Still A Big Issue!

Calling all hippies* Did you know that you can cure a child of leprosy for only $300!

Art Linkletter's (Kids Say The Darnedest Things TV Show) This is Art's Charity.
Please send a dollar to:
American Leprosy Missions
1 ALM Way
Greenville, South Carolina 29601

phone 1-800-543-3131

American Leprosy Missions

Feel great for a couple of dollars

No one has to contribute $300.

If everyone gave one dollar there would be no more children with leprosy in the world!
My mother always told me when I complained:
"There but for the Grace of God Go YOU"!

Cure Poverty and we'll have peace!

Peace ga*