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Concerning China - Dear Dalai Lama, Welcome To New York City And America

Dear Dalai Lama,
Welcome To New York City And America

Dalai Lama. Website

SOS Children In India For Tibetans

Contact SOS Children's Villages

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SOS Children's Villages

St Andrew's House
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attn For SOS Children In India For Tibetans

Tel: 01223 365589

I was born on March 21 the first full day of Spring,

A Chinese Lady Doctor delivered me. She told my mother that if I was born in her country they would name me Spring Flower.

note to china

Wake up to the fact that Human Rights Will Not Hurt The Revolution. An e-mail cannot hurt anyone!

Revise Your legal system.
Include the people in decision making.

Isn't this what Communism means?
The People's Party?

Freedom creates ideas.
Ideas create money.
Money is what you need
Not slave labor!

I know what a beating you guys all took during WWII. I'll be sixty soon.
Move on. Do what's good for your people and your people will Love You, Like We Love Pres. Obama.

You don't have to love your enemy. Just try to ignore them.
Live Your Life to Make Your Existence Better!

I was born shortly after World War II. I still remember a lot of the War newsreels and stuff being on television.

I remember when Sputnik flew over America. It was at night and very spooky.

I remember seeing on tv when Khrushchev banged his shoe on the table and said "We will bury you"!

I hear about all the human rights stuff going on in China and how China is attacking the Monks in Tibet.

This really makes me sad. China is a great nation. They are the oldest thinkers in the world. Known for their wisdom.

I do not see anything wrong with their wanting to be independent from the West. They have a right to decide their own Destiny.

But what I don't understand about Communism is; if it's supposed to be "all the people ruling together", how come they have politicians who tell everyone what to do?

I understand they have a lot of people to feed and this is a big problem.

I think that; they should let all the people that are in the jails, go home to their farms, they would be better off than trying to sell plastic and cheap metal junk to America and the world, especially in today's economy!

This would definitely help the rice shortage.

People would say "Oh how progressive the Chinese have become" They're a people to be proud of!
Because they really are!

As a note of common sense, THINK about the fact of how you are polluting your Beautiful country with all those factories.

I read that China is the leading country in the world having a big problem with Mercury pollution!

Oh no that's the worst! That's from all those junk plastic, etc. factories.

You don't make enough money selling that garbage to the West, To Destroy Your Environment With Mercury!


Go Back To The Land. You are a great agricultural nation,


The Chinese are a tough and noble race. It doesn't matter if they choose to be Communists, what is the difference. It's impossible to compare a population of this size with any other country.

So why is China chasing Buddhist Monks?
Buddhist Monks don't threaten or hurt anybody?

Please give the Monks a break!
I bet that even the National Congress of the Communist Party of China, could probably use a few prayers.




HONESTY Is Just A Word

China, tell the U.N. You're starving and you need help. This is their job.
To help all the countries in the world that need it.

Revolutions Go Not Backward!

Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense and plain dealing.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.
Mohandas Gandhi

I am not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world.

Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace.

Please Send A Dollar Or A Donation To One Of The Charities On The List
List of charities in the People's Republic of China

Peace ga*

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Governor Christie: Don't Cut School Breakfast Programs (Update 6/4/10)

Food Bank Locator

(Update 5/22/10)
No One Can Say I Didn't Give Governor Christie Good Advice.

And closing down Firehouses, in those decrepit old New Jersey Towns
, could be considered incompetence, negligence, stupidity, etc.,Sorry, but true.
Everyone knows that towns like Jersey City burn down regularly, due to the extreme age of the buildings!

Oh No, Please don't do that either Gov. Christie!
Just the thought of closing down firehouses in dilapidated neighborhoods like Newark, Elizabeth, Trenton, Everywhere in New Jersey, Makes Me Violently Nauseous!

Ben Horowitz/The Star-Ledger
Orange, NJ
5-alarm blaze leaves 100 residents homeless

Record crowds flood Trenton to protest against N.J. Gov. Chris Christie, budget cuts
The protesters, most from public worker unions and progressive groups, numbered 30,000 to 35,000.

N.J. Gov. Chris Christie's budget cuts may bring back power behind Teachers Unions


from georgia atkins
to ""
(actually, the above address is to NJ Chairman of Higher Education. I sent him a copy too).
date Tue, May 18, 2010 at 7:29 PM
subject Nutrition advocates warn against Gov. Christie's cut to N.J. school breakfast programs

NJ Gov. Chris Christies Website

To Contact NJ Gov. Officials

Governor Christie

These programs often provide the
ONLY BREAKFAST that some children will eat!

They cannot learn or grow up properly without breakfast!
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Yes, people in NJ are that poor, that food supplemental programs are extremely important!

Instead you should cut the salaries of those outrageous politicians who get hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to do nothing, except sit around and eat; breakfast, lunch and dinner on our
"tax payer's" expense accounts!

Help the poor. Tax the rich. The rich can afford it.

(Update 5/20/10) This is exactly what I'm referring to.

Christie Veto's Bill

I'm Very Surprised!
I thought that even though Christie is a Republican, he was for the people.
But I cannot rationalize cutting budgets to school breakfasts, educational funding, etc. And not wanting to tax millionaires!

I cannot believe that you would veto this bill Gov. Christie.
The revenue will sure help the deficit!
Think how many poor children it could feed and help!
The rich won't even miss it. They don't know what to do with their money anyway!
Anyone's who's a millionaire can afford to give a small fraction back if only in gratitude for their good fortune!

N J millionaires tax is approved by the Senate

N.J. Dems plan to pass millionaires tax, despite Christie's veto threats

Hunger and Poor nutrition are the cause of many social problems!
Without good nutrition not only does the brain not develop properly to it's full potential, but children growing up hungry seek illegal means to obtain what they should have been provided.
If they lose faith in the system, they turn to the streets for answers,
And, you can be sure, the streets give it to them!

From what I've seen, each juvenile delinquent starts out stealing a package of cake and a bag of chips!
I've seen many an irate store owner yelling at a fleeing child, with some kind of food under their shirt. running out the door. Too many times!

It only gets worse!

Workbook For Feeding America

Also clean up the projects. Get rid of the roaches for one thing.

My cousin lived in the 50th St projects in Bayonne, (a few years. back)
and the roaches in the hallway were so numerous, they looked like a waterfall of black rain running down all the walls.

Yes, cut funding, where it is being misused or wasted!

But increase funding in the important areas like food, housing and education.
Especially for the poor, who cannot get it themselves without help.

It is obvious that all these teenagers who are committing crimes in Jersey City are not only on drugs.
But are also growing up in extreme poverty!

Today's people don't understand that one can work their way out of poverty.

Malnutrition takes its toll!
They just get angry and well that's how it goes. Stupid, they are!
Lack of good nutrition will do that!

Social Services like food stamps, school meals, (including providing weekend bags of food and summer food programs), welfare, public housing, educational programs, textbooks, equipment, good teachers, etc. is not the place to cut funding!
These people are already so under the poverty line, that it looks like up to them!

War In The Ghetto

Georgia Atkins
Bayonne, NJ
B.A. Sociology

Second E-Mail
Gov. Christie:
Thank you for your time and patience.

70% of top income earners have at least a bachelor's degree

Annually, the US spends $9,644 per student compared to $22,600 per prison inmate

In 1970, the United States had 30% of the world's college graduates, now it has only 15%

90% of incoming freshmen at the top 150 colleges come from families in the top half of U.S. annual income distribution

18% of all college-ready high school graduates are African-American or Latino

A high school dropout is 5-8x more likely to be incarcerated than a college graduate

For All My Friends In Bayonne And Jersey City

(Update 6/11/10)
John Reitmeyer/Statehouse Bureau
Thank You Federal Govt AKA Pres. Obama and Co.

Check this page out for a free fool proof fundraiser.
Get 2 Cents For Your School Or Charity
For Every Drink Pouch, Cookie, Frito Lay Product, Candy Bar Wrapper, Empty Colgate Oral Care Product Etc. (See Brigades)

Anna And The Animals
She's So Smart!

Georgia Atkins

I Also E-Mailed it To President Obama, Since This Is Such A Very Important Subject!

Dear President Obama:

I just sent the above e-mails to NJ Governor Chris Christie.
Although I suppose, not being an expert, that many of his budget cuts in NJ are necessary.

I feel that he is making a mistake cutting educational and social services.
Please see if you can talk some sense into him and get him to re-think his plans, in a way that is good for everyone

Cutting Educational and Social Services is not what we, including yourself, I venture to say, call Change and Progress.

As Governor of New Jersey Christie is not only indebted to the voters, but has also taken an oath to fulfill certain obligations to it's citizens!

Social Services like food stamps, school meals, (including providing weekend bags of food and summer food programs), welfare, public housing, educational programs, textbooks, equipment, good teachers, etc. is the place to increase funding.

You have the power to put a stop to this kind of budget funding, where the poor cannot afford to eat!
I and many fortunate others back you on this
Pres. Obama!

Being from Bayonne, NJ, I know what a job Gov. Christie has ahead of him.
There are way more lucrative means of balancing the budget without depriving the poor any further!

I could trim that budget to everyone's satisfaction in a couple of hours, two days tops! Without cutting necessary services!

Oh Well, looks like this is the only (non paying, except in Love, which is the Best Payment) job, I'm gonna get.
I don't care! I Am That Fortunate I Don't Need Anything From Anyone.

Playing For Change's Photo Stream

Press Release
Starved for Attention: A Radical New Vision Of Malnutrition

Doctors Without Borders and VII Photo Launch Global Multimedia Campaign on Childhood Malnutrition; Crisis Affects 195 Million Children Worldwide

NEW YORK, JUNE 2, 2010


This is the message of my blogs, Anyone can do it the easy way!
The Hard Way Is Not Good!

All the Best to You Pres. and Co

Children Learn What They Live

There are 72 million children out of school across the world.

That's more than all the children that are primary school across Europe, USA, Canada, Australia combined. The world has the opportunity to ensure that every child has an education, and the chance to beat poverty.

World leaders have the power, the resources, and the knowledge to achieve education for all.
1GOAL will be asking all leaders to make Education for All a Reality. In order for us to achieve our 1GOAL we need your help and your support.

Join 1 GOAL and help achieve Education to End Poverty.

Georgia Atkins