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President Obama To Make PTSD Claims More Just

Vietnam Veterans of America
Press Release July 19, 2010
Mokie Porter
301-585-4000, Ext. 146

Vietnam Veterans of America Praises President, Salutes Secretary Shinseki For Move to Make PTSD Claims More Just
(I'm on their email list).

Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) thanks President Obama and salutes Secretary of Veterans Affairs Shinseki for the regulatory move to make the claims process less onerous for certain veterans who have legitimate claims for service connection for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), but who have difficulty obtaining documentary evidence.

"This will make it possible for some veterans who have been unjustly denied, because they could not document the details of the stressors that caused them to have chronic acute PTSD, to finally succeed in getting justice and their claim approved," said John Rowan, VVA national president. "This regulatory amendment will make it easier for veterans to prevail regarding their claim for PTSD where their claimed stressor is related to legitimate fear of hostile military forces or terrorist activity and is consistent with their military service." A psychiatric wound is every bit as real as a gunshot wound, and this President and his team are now taking steps to
recognize this fact.

"While VVA is strongly supportive of these new regulations, we urge Secretary Shinseki to reconsider the decision that only a VA or VA-contracted psychologist or psychiatrist can make the diagnosis of PTSD," Rowan said. "At the same time that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is moving to accept medical evidence from non-VA clinicians for disability claims for physical injuries, there should be no separate set of rules for diagnosing mental wounds like PTSD."

"We strongly believe that all psychologists and psychiatrists, VA or non-VA, who conduct PTSD examinations, should be required to use the best medical science known," Rowan said. "This diagnosis can be both objective and accurate, but only if the protocols recommended by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) of the National Academies of Science (NAS) are rigorously followed. Both VA and the Department of Defense should be ensuring that our active-duty war fighters, and our veterans of every generation, have the best care that medical science can provide, beginning with getting the diagnosis right."

"The previous Administration refused to implement the best medical science in assessing PTSD, because they said it was 'too expensive,' " Rowan said. "With the VA having recently hired almost 4,000 additional clinicians to provide mental health care to veterans suffering from their wartime experiences, the VA has no excuse why the best practices, recommended in their own VA commissioned study by the IOM, can't be followed. They need to get it right the first time."

VA Simplifies Access to Health Care and Benefits for Veterans with PTSD

The IOM Recommendations Regarding The Best Medical Science

V.A. Easing Rules for Users of Medical Marijuana

VA Office locator

Connect With VA

If You're A Vet Who Needs Help Contact The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans (NCHV)
333 ½ Pennsylvania Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20003-1148
E-mail: Emailnchv2@nchv.org
Toll Free 800-VET-HELP
Fax 202-546-2063
Toll Free Fax 888-233-8582
Mission: The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans (NCHV) will end homelessness among veterans by shaping public policy, promoting collaboration, and building the capacity of service providers.

Veterans Suicide Prevention Hotline
1-800-273-TALK (8255)
Veterans Press 1

Get Help We All Love You

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*USO* United Service Organizations

PO Box 1831
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The USO currently operates centers around the world, including numerous mobile canteens, located in the continental United States and overseas. The USO provides a variety of programs and services, including orientation programs, family events, travel assistance, free Internet and e-mail access, and recreation services.
Find Your Local USO

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Toll Free: 1-800-882-1316
Wikipedia VVA

Please, Somebody Out There Nominate The Bob Marley Family For The Nobel Prize For Peace, through Music!

Invisible Children

Weekly Address: The End of Combat Operations in Iraq The White House

Vietnam Veterans of America Applauds Final Rules on Agent Orange New Presumptive Diseases

Love, Peace and Justice

Thursday, July 15, 2010

*Fourth Of July Tribute To Our Troops and Veterans*

To Our Troops In Iraq, Afghanistan, Our Veterans,
And Our 58,000 Brothers & Sisters Whose Names Are On The Wall

VA Simplifies Access to Health Care and Benefits for Veterans with PTSD

Veterans' Employment & Training Service


Or If You're A Vet Who Needs Help Contact The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans (NCHV) 333 ½ Pennsylvania Avenue, SE Washington, DC 20003-1148 E-mail: Emailnchv2@nchv.org Toll Free: 800.VET.HELP Fax: 202.546.2063 Toll Free Fax: 888.233.8582

Veterans Suicide Prevention Hotline
Veterans Press 1

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ATTN Charlie Othold
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*For My Cousin Martin
I Love You.
You Found Me A Good One!
Even if you are crazy enough to send Joe to My Mother's House, Alone, And tell her ahead of time!
How come you and I are the only ones in the Family Who didn't get how sneaky she was?
I remember what you said to me the last time I saw you, about twenty years ago.

Well As Shakespeare Said All's Well, that Ends Well!

(Or rather well. What can be expected in a set-up town like Bayonne)!

I Don't complain, (About him at least).
I'm sure you know, he's done very well!
I'm sure you've heard.
Those bastard bar owners were gonna turn him into their slave.
Make him a drunk, marry him off to one of their relatives; and get him a job like iron working; or boiler making, and insure him heavily!

I told them, My People Don't Do That Kind Of Work Anymore!

Like I Told Leck, Joe's a lot of work,
but he's worth it.
One or Two or a couple of a kind!
Not many like you guys, out there!

And he's still chasing me!
You'll hear news soon, I googled your phone number.

US Armed Forces Hymn 2007 (inofficial) "March into War"

*Thank A Vet For Your Freedom And Give One A Hug Today Too!*

Love, Peace and Harmony ga*

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

*My Prayers Are With You Jayna Ann*

Please Send A Dollar Or A Donation To
Jayna Ann Morrell Fund
885 Broadway #31
Bayonne NJ

Hope for Jayna Ann


Jayna Ann Morrell is fighting for her life. Born on May 3, 2010, she was three months premature and weighed just over 24 ounces.

On May 29th, Jayna Ann had a heart attack. Doctors at St. Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, New Jersey fought for hours to stabilize her. Despite the ominous predictions, Jayna Ann survived. She has been moved to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where a team of some of the best pediatric experts in the country is now caring for this precious little girl.

Insurance is paying for the medical bills but not any of the other costs associated with caring for a severely ill child.

While a fund has been set up to help the family defray the mounting costs, Ann Morrell asks for Prayers.
"My biggest request would be to pray for a miracle,'' she said, "Just Pray."

And / Or Please Send A Dollar
Or A Donation To
The Kids In Need Foundation
3077 Kettering Blvd.
Suite 114
OH 45439
phone +1-937-296 1230

The Kids In Need Foundation
* Has distributed more than $300 million in school supplies to low-income schools free of charge
* Serves 1.6 million students and 100,000 teachers annually
* Has awarded $1 million in grants to teachers

Welcome to the Kids In Need Foundation.
How You Can Help


The Learn To Be Fountain
Free Online Tutoring K-8

Frequently Asked Questions


Ways To Help





The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) provides low-income children with free, nutritious meals during the summer months when school is not in session and when increased numbers of children are at risk of hunger because they cannot access school meal programs. SFSP is the single-largest federal resource available for local sponsors who want to feed children in the summer months.


Greater Newark Fresh Air Fund Seeks Supporters To Send Children To Camp
Let's Get As Many Children As Possible
Off Those Hot City Streets
A Week Or Two In The Cool Country!


N.J. budget compromise is reached between Gov. Chris Christie and Lawmakers

So I Guess You're Not Going To Cut Budgets For School Breakfasts And Other Meals And Nutritional Programs For Poor Children, Correct?


The Jersey Journal
Hudson County


The changes include:

• Keeping open Hagedorn Psychiatric Hospital in Hunterdon County.

• Keeping in place the Bergen County "blue laws" that forbid Sunday shopping in that county.
• More funding for welfare, adult medical day care, home-care services, education services for the blind, and various other programs for vulnerable residents.
• More funding for NJ STARS scholarships, the NJ After 3 program, and tuition assistance grants.
• Maintaining the State Commission of Investigation, a watchdog agency Christie had sought to merge into the state comptroller's office.
• Funding for cultural sites including the Battleship New Jersey and the Newark Museum.
• More funding for projects in Urban Enterprise Zones.


Blue laws - $64,000,000
Urban Enterprise Zones - $48,000,000
General assistance - $21,995,000
Supplemental security income, Personal needs allowance for community-based developmental disabilities clients - $10,282,000
Personal assistance home care - $9,669,000
Garrett W. Hagedorn Gero-Psychiatric Hospital - $6,370,000
New Jersey cultural trust - includes Trenton Barracks museum, Battleship N.J. and Newark Museum - $4,000,000
State Commission of Investigation - $3,539,000
NJ After 3 - $3,000,000
Sheltered workshops for people with disabilities - $3,000,000
Adult medical day care - $2,379,000
Center for Hispanic Policy - $1,400,000
Educational Opportunity Fund - $1,300,000
NJ STARS Scholarships for tuition - $1,000,000
Respite care - $800,000
Education services for blind children - $20,000

My Prayers Are With You Jayna Ann

Saturday, July 3, 2010

We Weren't Born To Follow *Happy Fourth of July* To Our Military And Veterans All Over The World *

Great Job!
We American's Love You All, In So Many Ways
That They Are Too Infinite To Count!

The White House Blog
*Supporting Our Military Families*


Both Refer to characters that, in the face of danger and adversity display courage
and the will for self-sacrifice, that is, heroism, for some greater good!
Originally of martial courage or excellence.


Especially You Joe!
You've Done Really Good!

You're My Hero! We Have Never Been Apart.
I See You All Following Me!

You Talked Me Into It A Long Time Ago.
You're the Only Man I See, All These Years!

*Character Is All That Really Counts*

Even though You're so quiet, it's usually impossible to understand what you're up to.
I just figured I'd hang on and fly with you.
After all, a Marine wouldn't lie, especially under an American Flag!

And you are smart Oh Mighty One
So Smart and way too tough for me to argue with!
Don't Worry About Anything Joe*
Get Back Here Soon!
Now Would Be Good!


Please Send A Dollar, A Donation,
Or If You're A Vet Who Needs Help

Vietnam Veterans Of America
8605 Cameron Street, Suite 400
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910
Phone: 301-585-4000
Fax: 301-585-0519
Toll Free: 1-800-882-1316
Vietnam Veterans Of America Legislative Issues

Veterans Suicide Prevention Hotline
1-800-273-TALK (8255), Veterans Press

Get Help We All Love You

With Help Comes Hope-FAQs

*Fourth Of July Tribute To Our Troops and Veterans*

Participating Member Food Bank Locator

Operation Gratitude You Got It Kiddo, Anything You Want*

Responding to Genocide Today
War in Darfur

Genocide Intervention Network Our Mission Our mission is to empower individuals and communities with the tools to prevent and stop genocide.

Please Send A Dollar Or A Donation To
Genocide Intervention Network

1200 18th St NW, Suite 320
Washington, DC 20036

Established in 2005, Genocide Intervention Network is mobilizing the first permanent anti-genocide constituency committed to stopping the worst atrocities around the world. It includes a worldwide coalition of investors, a national fellowship of local leaders across the United States and over 1,000 student chapters at colleges and high schools. We focus on situations of genocide and mass atrocity, which we define as the systematic killing, severe torture or rape of civilians on a massive scale.

What We Do
Our goals are ambitious, and our mission is critical - we hold world leaders accountable for the commitments they've made to prevent genocide and develop targeted programs to impact the lives of those at risk of violence and mass atrocity. We work closely with policy experts, world leaders, and anti-genocide activists in the fight to prevent and end genocide
Speech Power Violence

USDA Nutrition Assistance Programs
The United States Dept. Of Agriculture Children's Summer Food Service Program
Get 2 Cents For Your School Or Charity For Each Drink Pouch, Cookie, Frito Lay Product, Candy Bar Wrapper, Empty Colgate Oral Care Product Etc. (See Brigades) You Send To TerraCycle
Seems to me like it will be a gold mine for charities, schools, civic organizations etc.
I just like to help people, especially little kids. I was a kid once too.

*Anna and the Animals*

Greater Newark Fresh Air Fund Seeks Supporters To Send Children To Camp

*Good Summer To Everyone*

War In The Ghetto
*War In The Ghetto Dedicated To My Old, Old, Good Friend Patricia W And Her Sisters*

Get It Together.
One Big Gang With Different Gangs As Chapters Like The U.N.

Tolerate each other!
We Are All Victims of the Oppressor!

Don't help him take you out!

Oh Yeah
to whoever is selling the crack, heroin, prescription drugs, guns etc.
It's a good idea to remember, if you sell death, the law will always come after you!

Get into a safer business.
Like real estate!
We all know how lucrative that can be!

Stop Victimizing Yourselves!

Please Send a Dollar To
Or If You Need Help Contact God's Love We Deliver
166 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10013
Phone: (212) 294-8100
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Prayer Wheel For Our Military