Sunday, November 21, 2010

*For All My Friends In Bayonne And Jersey City, New Jersey

Please Send A Dollar
Or A Donation
(Or If You're School Needs Help)
The Kids In Need Foundation
3077 Kettering Blvd.
Suite 114
OH 45439

phone +1-937-296 1230
How You Can Help
School Box program
Ways to Help
The Kids In Need Foundation
* Has distributed more than $300 million in school supplies to low-income schools free of charge
* Serves 1.6 million students and 100,000 teachers annually
* Has awarded $1 million in grants to teachers


Please Send A Dollar To
Saint Joseph's Indian School

Attn: Donor Services
Chamberlain, SD 57326
Prayer Requests
(605) 234-3300
St. Joseph's Indian School
Attn: Prayer Request
Chamberlain, SD 57326

For Shelly
You Know. I Know, How it is to Hate my own cousin,
But it ain't no Cain and Able. Wait, actually it is.
You know to whom I refer, ha, ha, not really so funny.
She who laughs last, laughs best.
get it?
Although there isn't much to laugh about nowadays.
You know what I mean, looks like I've inherited the world, not just Bayonne anymore!

And for Donna
*You are the best daughter in the world!
I don't need records anymore, Marley's Chains.

And for Grandma Francine Who helps everyone!
Love & Peace ga

Liberty State Park

Liberty Science Center

Liberty State Park
222 Jersey City Boulevard, Jersey City, NJ 07305
(201) 200-1000

Visitor Guide

For Injun Tony
Who taught me about; What goes around comes around,
Be careful what you wish for

and many other wise sayings.

*Schachlo Russian Gypsy Dance So Beautiful, So Talented

For All *My Friends In N.J*

I remember I used to walk past with my mother, when I was a little girl and all of you used to say hi to me.
I also remember how they chased you out of town just because you were Gypsies. Then you came back and now you own the entire block. Good for you. Thank you for caring about me.

Thousands of European Gypsies (Roma) in Europe, are suffering from malnutrition and hypothermia, existing in cardboard communities on landfills and urban ghetto holding pens they call home. They have no electricity, running water, education or medical care.
Please help end their suffering and act NOW...

Please Send A Dollar
Or A Donation To
*Righting the Roma Foundation

B-4810 Mary Street
Port Alberni BC
V9Y 7H2
e mail

For Joe Brennan
You Do Pull The Funniest Stunts.
I'm Just A Victim Of That Drive By Look! You Can Be Very Nice When You Want To Be.

And I've Seen That Foot Stomp You Do. I Know You Well! I Love You Just The Way You Are! And don't forget I remember, everything you've pulled,
I Know it by heart. I have a complete file, on you!

The Learn To Be Fountain
Free Online Tutoring K-8

New Jersey Real-Time News
Breaking Local News from New Jersey
N.J. Launches Tansparency Website
that tracks state spending
John Reitmeyer/Statehouse Bureau

*Love and Justice