Friday, September 24, 2010

Enough Is Too Much! Why Are Young People Shooting Each Other?

Murdered Man Studied At NJCU, Was Preparing For Navy
Saturday, September 11, 2010

Every time I read the Jersey Journal I just get angrier and angrier at the Stupidity that's going on out there on the streets!

I'm Calling On All Who Have The Power, Turn This Trend Around immediately!

Like Role Models. Reverend Jackson, Reverend Sharpton, Sports And Media Stars, etc.
Tell The Young People The Truth!
Tell Them Plymouth Rock Isn't Just Landing On Them, They're hitting each other over the head with it!

We All Need To Stand Up And Reach Out To And Teach
what's right for the benefit of today's young people.
I know Rev. Jackson and Sharpton you've spent a lifetime doing this, but some of the Media is a really bad influence!
It was in my day and it still is!

This Is The Time For A New Revamping Of
"People Empowerment"!

Give these young people the resources to understand that they are killing each other and themselves, for nothing, chump change!

Music and Media stars. Don't make movies and music that belittles yourselves, and sends an absolutely wrong message to young people!
Make Movies And Music That Are Educational.
They can still spread the message of what goes on without graphic language. etc!

Money, gold jewelry, big houses and cars are not all that!
All that glitters may be gold, but gold is heavy!

Stay away from the meth amphetamine especially!
This is not a drug!
It's Poison

I Really Love You All!
You Are Like My Own Children Or Grandchildren.
My heart goes out to the young people, throwing their lives away, for No Reason!
I was a teenager in the sixties.
Been There, Done That!

This Is The Song That First Enlightened Me To The Fact That Others Were Less Fortunate Than I.
Yes, I Did Make This Pact With Michael Jackson,
Way Back in 67' (aprox.)
When He First Sang It.
Everyone Loved Michael, So Talented!

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