Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Am A Rock

*For Jackie Jones From Second Ave, Near the Filmore East, NYC*
You know Jackie, she used to live over the Fireman's Bar*
Jackie said to tell all you guys she still loves you.
Jackie Always said *Offer It Up*

And For The People Who Treated Me So Nice at the Pow Wow*
I still have the little green glass stone I bought.
I would like to dance in the Circle again sometime.
Thank You!
Cherokee Morning Song*
A Beautiful *Native American Song

St. Joseph’s Indian School
A residential and educational facility serving Native American youth ages 6-18. St. Joseph’s provides a holistic array of services including education, group home living, counseling services, and religious education, while promoting the Native American Sioux Culture. The organization provides group homes and an on-campus school for students grades 1-8 and group home support for high school students that attend Chamberlain Public High School.

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St. Joseph's Indian School
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