Saturday, November 14, 2009

Workbook For Action *Congress: S. 1963, the Caregiver and Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act of 2009

Veterans Suicide Prevention Hotline
1-800-273-TALK-(8255), Veterans Press 1

For * Peter From 14th St NYC
I hope they helped you.

****God Bless America***

Please Send A Dollar To
*Disabled American Veterans*

Newark Vet Center
2 Broad Street
Suite 703
Bloomfield NJ 07003
attn: To Buy Gifts
For Hospitalized Veterans
Are You A Homeless Veteran?
Replacing Personal Records
Where to Go For Help

Issues and Legislation
Current Action Alerts

Current Legislation
Key Bills in Congress

The Survivors Club
Thank You Author. Ben Sherwood!
The Home Loans Support Center

Emergency Personnel Tools

Resources For Other Languages

War In The Ghetto

You're Beautiful *Rebel Diaz
For All You Beautiful Young *Police Up In Fort Apache Peace*
*Rebel Diaz and *Hip Hoppers zre good kids
I Love You All*

For *Jan The Original Wonder Woman
Who taught me love for the dance.

And for *Onanyes, thank you so much for the bunny
with the pancakes on it's head


Children Learn What They Live

Crazed Sociologist ga*