Tuesday, January 14, 2014

All Marley All the Time

republished from 4/17/08

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is the government agency that oversees lawful immigration to the United States.

The National Immigration Forum

Project Vote

Sugar Free Desserts
Italian Desserts
Coffee Shop Drinks You Can Make at Home   

The Harlem Riverside Church
Stewardship Office
Attn: Peter Zehren
490 Riverside Drive
New York, NY 10027
phone 1-212 870 6715
Social Services  

The Kids In Need Foundation
3077 Kettering Blvd.
Suite 114
OH 45439
phone +1-937-296 1230
Kids In Need Teacher Grants Help Teachers Realize Their Dreams

Teacher Grants Guidelines & Suggestions

The Kids In Need Foundation
is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded in 1995.
The Kids In Need Foundation's mission is to ensure that every child is prepared to learn and succeed by providing free school supplies nationally to students most in need.
Kids In Need Has Distributed More Than $300 Million In School Supplies To Low-Income Schools Free Of Charge,
* Serves 1.6 million students and 100,000 teachers annually
* Has awarded $1 million in grants to teachers

Links To Government And Other Kid's Sites
Explore, learn, and have fun!

Beautiful Bob Marley
Mine; (And The World's), Constant Muse

*Note To Bob Marley*
If Anybody Doesn't Like My Blog, I'm Going To Tell Them To Blame You Bob.
You're the one who talked me into this.
Oh yeah, and you are, Still, So Beautiful!

*Note To God**
I'm telling them this was all Your idea too.
The last thing I remember, saying was,
No Thank You, Anyway.


Get 2 Cents For Your School Or Charity
For Each Drink Pouch, Cookie, Frito Lay Product, Candy Bar Wrapper, Empty Colgate Oral Care Product Etc. (See Brigades) You Send To TerraCycle

Terra Cycle Inc
121 New York Ave
Trenton NJ 08638
phone 1-609-393-4252
fax 1-609-393-4259

Take My Best Advice and My Word
Don't smoke reefer
(pot, blunts, hashish, etc).
It Is A Very Addictive Drug, Like Tobacco,
If you smoke it Once, You will get psychologically Hooked For Life!
Very Expensive!
You'll end up working just to support your reefer habit.
Don't Even Try It! And don't drink alcohol either. You will lose your senses and put yourself in much more of a position to be victimized!

Get Yourself a pizza and soda, or a burger and fries.
Go to a movie, buy a cd, or something you've been wanting.
Do something that's really fun!
You'll enjoy it much better than getting beat out of your money half the time too.

Enjoy Enjoy.
There is a good life for the youth of today. We are going to have Peace and The Promise of Freedom will be fulfilled.

Besides reefer doesn't get you high. It's just another altered state of consciousness, like alcohol. All it will do is make you nervous and dumb enough not to be even able to walk around safely. It's seriously physically dangerous, and like booze you can't drive a car.

There really is no such thing as high.
Street and prescription drugs only make you very sick and can kill you the first time you try them!

You Are Already High!
Youth Is Being Naturally High. It Does Not Get Any Better Than A Healthy Body and Mind and all those Fabulous Hormones pumping through you!

Drugs and alcohol only diminish your health and don't get anyone High.

For My Son Danny

Keep A Child Alive-wikipedia
The Work
Ways To Donate

Love, Peace, Justice and Harmony

Rainbow Push Coalition