Thursday, October 22, 2009

*Nicholas Brothers Lucky Number* For Dr. Joe Drew-Best Media Teacher Anywhere*

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Cab Calloway And The Indomitable Bill Robinson
My Father's Best Friends, ( From The Cotton Club, New York City)

Back in the 1930's When Cab used to sing about drugs, people were not aware of how harmful and addictive they actually were!

Don't Listen To Cab, He's Crazy!
Just kidding Cab.
Although, They didn't called Him And His Band,
The Harlem Manics, For No Reason!

Just Enjoy His Music As Beautiful, Cool, Hip, But So Dated, Concerning Drug Attitudes!
It's A New World Out Here

Drugs And Alcohol Are The Tools Of The Oppressor!

People Who Do Drugs And Drink Don't Compete For Resources Or Anything Else,
If, They Survive, Or Don't Do 25 to Life!

War In The Ghetto

Please Don't Even Smoke Reefer.
Don't Believe The Story That Pot Isn't Addictive!
That's A Big Lie, Told By The Oppressor To Keep People Down!
Reefer (Pot) Is So Addictive, You Will End Up Working, Just To Support Your Pot Habit And Have Nothing Else To Show For All Your Hard Work! True, True!

Don't Smoke Cigarettes (tobacco) either! Same Story.

Forget anything athletic!
Smokers Don't Dance Like The Nicholas Brothers,
Or Sing Like Cab!

Cab Calloway Biography

The Cab Calloway Harlem Renaissance Center

Cab Calloway School of the Arts

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