Monday, October 5, 2009

Congratulations President Obama Nobel Peace Prize Winner

*Ziggy Marley Conscious Party

Congratulations President Obama, you're up there with the Best!
Usually I just speak for myself, but tonight I know I speak for the entire World when I say you deserve this Award. If only for how hard you've worked to get through school and be where you are today.

But you won for way more than that!
It's like Dunvegan on Daily Kos's said this afternoon,
President Obama has been given a pro-active vote of confidence by the international community.

The International community has confidence that you will continue to earn this honor. This was felt by 41% percent of those polled at that time.

I could not be happier. I think you're the best and with a little time you will lead American's into changing the world!
I'm with you 1 Million percent Mr. President. I know you Will do it!
If the Bob Marley Family couldn't get the award you are most definitely my second choice.

Congratulations Pres. We all Love You!

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Broken Arrow OK 74013
Phone (928) 526-2211

Peace,Love and Harmony, ga*