Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Veterans Services* Cold War Hits America - Millions Stricken With Memory Loss!**Thank A Vet For Your Freedom !

Buy A Shirt For Wounded Warriors It Goes Straight To The Troops And Their Families At Brooke Army Medical Center! Your donation is tax-deductible

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Thank A Vet For Your Freedom
And Give Them A Hug Too!

For Joe Brennan
Marine Vietnam Vet

Poster Boy For PTSD
My Crazy Boy!
I Love You, You Wild Thing!

Three Wise Quotes
1. If It Looks To Good To Be True, It Probably Is!
2. Caveat Emptor!
3. The One That Comes To You With The Deal Is The Traitor!
( Don Corleone, Godfather II )


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Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities
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USO Programs
The USO recognizes the sacrifices the troops and their families make for this country, and it is more important than ever that they are remembered and supported.
The USO offers a variety of programs and services to support the morale, welfare, of Our Service People!

Let Them Know They Are At Home In Our Hearts
Wherever they are in their travels – and wherever they are in the world make sure our troops know they are At Home In Our Hearts.
Make your contribution to the USO today and help provide our troops with free phone calls home to a loved one, care packages full of their favorite items, and so much more.
Make your tax-deductible gift today to lift their spirits and honor their service.


This Election Had To Be Some Of The Biggest Republican Mud Slinging Since The Presidential Election.
Even More Nauseating!

Teabaggers?-Independents with both Republican and
David Duke Leanings?
Why Was Duke Speaking At Their Rally(s)?
That's kinda strange right there.
(And The Same People Had The Nerve To Complain About Rev Wright), whom being a descendant of slaves might have a little to be bitter about.
Oh Heaven Forbid the victim should complain!

Are Teabaggers
Out And Out; In Our Faces,
Telling Us That Racists Have Now Taken The Majority
In The House of Representatives?

Oh No, They Won't!

Rand Paul Said, The Teabaggers are going to
Chastise Both Parties!

Go Chastise themselves!
Imperative -Congress Must Pass Child Nutrition Bill!
Update*Child Nutrition Bill Passed!

The DREAM Act-We Won't Give Up!

Besides being in some kind of, the world's gone crazy again,
are we back in grammar school?
I think his Dad Ron may be thinking of another run at the Presidency!

Forget It!
Obama's The Man, Who Is Going To Win Again In 2012!
Unless you all wanna stay over in the Middle East
For Another Ten Years!

Let Us Not Forget Who Botched This Entire Affair, From The Start.
Denial Is Not A River In Egypt

Let's Face It Republican's Have Lost Any Chance Of Credibility.

Especially After This Hateful Exhibition Showing, How Many Of Them,
Think And Behave!
People Who Live In Glass Houses Shouldn't Throw Stones!

Workbook for Feeding America
Feeding America - Workbook for Feeding America's Hungry

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What We Do

Thank A Vet For Your Freedom Today!
And Give Them A Hug Too!

Happy Veterans Day!
To Our Troops, Veterans And
Those That Love Justice Everywhere!