Saturday, December 5, 2009

And So It Goes More Of The Same What Was I Thinking? Updated and completed 08/31/10)

School Box
To expand our service outside the cities currently served by the Kids In Need National Network, the Foundation designed the School Box program.

To participate in the program, schools, organizations, or communities must find corporate sponsors. The School Box program is perfect for community back-to-school rallies and school supply giveaway projects.

The program does not distribute supplies to students based on requests from individuals. The School Box program is an organized, corporate sponsored program that distributes supplies because it is being financially sponsored by companies for specific schools or districts.

(Updated and completed 08/31/10
Bravo To The Passengers On Christmas Day Flight 253 You're Great*

You did exactly the right thing. You jumped him immediately before he could do worse!

Have you been taking self defense classes? An important rule of self defense is
Never let the attacker force you to the second crime scenario, or get the chance to use a weapon they have.
This is the next step this guy was taking, but you were fast, you jumped him fast!

I go by the old west gunslinger code, shoot first, shoot faster, aim to take them down the first time.

No guessing game here, obvious.! I Love You All You're Beautiful And Brave* Have A Nice Holiday!

You know the suicide terrorist mind set is, Suicide and anyone they can take with them. These people are crazy!
Jump em fast and jump em hard. Crazies are devious, take no chances.

Great Job Merry Christmas And I'll Say God Bless You, but I think you got that for Christmas*

If I was airport or anti terrorist security anywhere and I saw someone I thought didn't look right, first thing I'd check is to see if their pupils were small or pinpointed.

My theory is that, although brainwashing is involved, I think getting a person to strap a bomb on themselves takes a little more.

I see indoctrination of some sort here. I think they take prospects to a harem/opium den for at least six months. The works, good food, beautiful women, plenty high.
They tell them this is just a sample of what Heaven is.
Really, I do. Check the eyes anyone who seems suspicious . The eyes are the windows to the soul.

We Demand Justice and Freedom and an end to the Oppression!
We demand immediate action and resolution in regard to this issue!

note to iranian govt.

Stop the violence against your citizens Now!
This is terrible that you are shooting protesters.
I thought you people (iranian govt.) were finally getting smart.

I think you're a country that can get it together and prosper. But you iranian govt. leaders have to get your act together and learn to treat your citizens with caring and nurturing, Not Violence.

Stop this violence against your citizens immediately!

You know what, committing any further violence against your citizens could lose you your power!

Like what, You iranian leaders don't think Iranian citizens can do revolution as good as you did?

Better watch out you may get a big surprise, and find yourselves outside the gates of iran, with your suitcase in your hand.

Peace Immediately!

Yes and While I'm At It, To Be Completely Thorough in my Holiday Peace On Earth Campaign Agenda,

Note To Africa, South America and all those Little Island and Caribbean Countries.
Why are you commuting revolution against yourselves?
Against your own people?

Why do you attack Villagers? A Real Revolutionary Loves the People!

The World's Record on Human Rights is atrocious

You finally got your freedom after hundreds of years of colonialism, but instead of making your countries better. You're killing each other.

This makes no more sense to me than israel and arabs fighting over a piece of desert.

When I was seventeen years old I heard Abbie Hoffman Say

Whatever You Do
Do It For The Revolution

I have tried to Live My Life By That Motto.
The Real Revolution.
The Revolution of People All Over The World Being Free, Well Fed, Healthy, Prosperous and Happy.

Note to All The Crazy World Leaders
You Are Delaying the Revolution, Stop Doing This!

note to alqaeda and talaban.
you are so out of you're league thinking you can win against the US and It's Allies!
you stand no chance at all!
The world is united in the fact that We're goona get you! So just come out of those caves with your hands up, if you know whats good for you!


For All Our British Allied Troops
You Are A Funny People
and Not the Britain of Your government!
We Are All Individuals!

Monty Python is so funny, I figured this would give you some amusement.

A Century of Warfare

The War To End All Wars
What Happened?

Remembering WWI And Honoring It's *Heroes*
*For My Great Uncle Tim
And All Those Who Fought Alongside Him.
They Are Not Forgotten*

Peace Please
Peace On Earth

(What Was I Thinking?)

note to iran

Stop jailing, torturing and killing your young people. Can't you see they are just like you?
You were revolutionaries and they are emulating your behavior! (To strive to equal or excel, especially through imitation:)
Give freedom a chance!
Rake a hint from Cyrus the Great Persia's Greatest Leader!
I am not as naive as I may seem. *I don't like war. *Not for anybody.


iran and china

The following video is for you.
*Morgan Freeman: The Power of Words*

note to china
Wake up to the fact that Human Rights Will Not Hurt The Revolution. An email cannot hurt anyone.

Revise Your legal system.
Include the people in decision making.
Isn't this what Communism means?
The People's Party?

Freedom creates ideas.
Ideas create money.
Money is what you need
Not slave labor.

I know what a beating you guys all took during WWII. I'll be sixty soon.
Move on. Do what's good for your people and your people will Love You, Like We Love Pres. Obama.

You don't have to love your enemy. Just try to ignore them.
Live Your Life to Make Your Existence Better.

Help Chinese Earthquake Victims

(December 27, 2008)

Finally my Heart Does go out to the old, women, children, innocents of Palestine.
And to the innocent Israeli victims too.

This is a sad anniversary for the world!

Last year I had no computer or even access to one.
There would have been a lot of yelling at all sides involved!

No More

Peace, I hope (What Was I Thinking?)