Sunday, April 20, 2008

Concerning Iran

(Update February 2010)

note to iranian govt.
Stop the violence against your citizens Now!
This is terrible that you are shooting protesters.
I thought you people (iranian govt.) were finally getting smart.

I think you're a country that can get it together and prosper. But you iranian govt leaders have to get your act together and learn to treat your citizens with caring and nurturing, Not Violence.

Stop this violence against your citizens immediately!

You know what, committing any further violence against your citizens could lose you your power!

Like what, You iranian leaders don't think Iranian citizens can do revolution as good as you did?
Better watch out you may get a big surprise, and find yourselves outside the gates of iran, with your suitcase in your hand.

Peace Immediately!


(Update 1/15/10) What was I thinking? Iranian govt is as bad as the shah.

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I keep hearing that Iran is evil. So, why was the the Shah considered to be ok? The Shah was a dictator! He treated his people horribly and it was covered up!
I think that many countries the US government are friendly with might be considered evil, so Iran is different because, they have oil?

Ok, they've been accused of harboring and arming Al Qaeda. But the US has also been accused of supporting Al Qaeda during the Afghan war with Russia. Then Al Qaeda turned on us.
We should be finding Al Qaeda not wasting our resources chasing shadows! How come we never hear anything about the US progress in finding Al Qaeda? Come on, they can't be that slippery!

President Teddy Roosevelt said "Talk Softly and carry a big stick"!
America's main priority should be to get Iraq stabilized and bring our troops home now!

Now I read that Israel wants to bomb Iran. Give me a break please!
I thought Israel wanted Peace. Bombing Iran would do no good. This is not the way to make friends and influence people.
Although, I do believe that Israel has a right to exist in Peace.
I really cannot take any more of the violence! No matter who it is directed at!
I believe terrorism against the Israeli people is wrong.

I would like to see Israel and all their Arab neighbors live in Peace together.
I understand that there is a lot of much deserved hatred on all sides
but, can't they all just say "ok, from today on we are committed to live in Peace with each other irregardless of the fact that we can't stand each other"!

Hate in private. Live in Peace!

What's so hard about that?

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All the countries of the world know that America has the capacity to defeat a large war machine like that of Nazi Germany. None of them could!
So really their tough talk is just a lot of posturing!

Terrorists, attacked America and although some countries in the Middle East have been accused of supporting terrorist activities, I think that it is more like,a group of international terrorists who are loyal to AN IDEOLOGY OF HATE, rather than any particular country.

Afghanistan chased the taliban out, because they wouldn't let them grow their poppies. al qaeda did train all over the area because they were not wanted anywhere either.

Just because the Arab people's language and culture is very different than ours, doesn't mean that they cannot be rational thinkers.
We have crazy Americans too.

Hut, Never,Don't Underestimate The Terrorists, Not only are they left handed thinkers, very crafty, And War Is Their Culture.
Americans in the Middle East Have To Watch Out For The Sneakiest Maneuvers Ever!

These thugs were educated at the finest University's In the World
And They Studied the History of War
And How To Improve Their Techniques!

On the other side of their brain, though, they're totally stupid!
Or They Would Never mess with America! duh!
The world forgets that America saved them all from the Nazi's.

America doesn't have to put missiles in Eastern Europe to protect us from Russia. Remember the Bay of Pigs? We didn't like it!

Although, Russia is progressing slowly in terms of becoming socially in tune with the rest of the world, they are progressing.

There's a lot of American big business in Russia nowadays, McDonald's, Coca Cola, jeans, anything we've got in America.

Since they took down the Berlin wall, Russia's relations with the west have been a lot less chilly. Until recently.

We should all try to get along with other countries, instead of just wanting to always fight them.

When I see stuff like this on the news I wonder what the heck is happening out there.

The Inmates Have Taken Over the Asylum!

I Think Iran's problem is, that they don't want any more interference in the running of their government by outside countries.

Just because this government doesn't want any partners doesn't necessarily, make them evil.

You think that they don't understand the concept of offense is the best defense, just because their alphabet looks funny?

The leaders of all the countries in the world really have to get on the ball and decide that Peace and Human Rights are the Only Solution!*
Forget about the Bomb, it's no good to anybody!

In your climate, solar energy is definitely the way to go. It is so cheap and clean. Protect yourselves. Don't go off half informed. Just because a lot of countries have nuclear weapons doesn't make it right! Don't believe the con, that the bomb will make you powerful. It won't.

If the bomb goes off, nobody will be left to be the winner!

Peace and Harmony ga*