Saturday, March 27, 2010

Scenes From An Italian Restaurant*Update 8/24

If You Love Something Set It Free.
If It Comes Back To You Then It's Yours

I have always thought the actions of men the best interpreters of their thoughts
John Locke


For Joe Brennan Marine, Vietnam Veteran

*I Do Love You Crazy Boy Why Don't You Believe it After All These Years*
You Are My Hero
Please Come Back You Are My Life

You've Spoiled Me So Bad I Cannot See Any Man But You
And You Are The Biggest Enabler I've Ever Known, So
Since I Am Such A Wild Thing What Would I Do Without Your Help!
Every Minute I Remember How Beautiful You Are
I Don't Know Where I Would Be Today Without You

Please Send A Dollar Or A Donation,
Or If You're A Vet Who Needs Help
Vietnam Veterans of America - Chapter 510
P.O. Box 448
Cedar Grove, NJ 07009

Don't Listen To Anybody *Joe
Especially this guy he's no-one from nowhere.
And it's not your fault. It's all those bastards from Bayonne's.
We were the victims. You Are The Best And My Hero

Maybe Someone Should Grab this opinionated good for nothing, and send him to a jungle when he's seventeen years old. Might do him a world of good.

The Spirits of King David and Biddy Early told me what he was up to.
Maybe I'm crazy but that's your fault too.
Only kidding You Crazy Person.
But At Least You're A Real Man

Yeah I remember You From The Flamingo Too

You Should know by now I wouldn't even talk to him

*Marine Corps Cadences Marching Song*

Mama's Take Their Daughters In Whenever We Come Round
You know they do*
Only kidding, I, And Everyone In America, Love You Guys*

What Is The Matter With You?
Have I Ever Told You No?
Well Maybe a Couple of Times

But I'm Much Smarter Than That Now
Way, Way, Smarter

No Surrender

*The Marines Hymn*

Love Conquers All

I Do Love You Crazy Boy! Just In Case You Forgot Again!
No One Compares To You In My Heart. You Are Too Much!
Yeah, You Have Peers, But You Are Definitely One Of A Kind!

And yeah they all love me, sure because I save them all.
You Prove It!

We've had a long haul, but we made it! Get back here now!