Friday, October 8, 2010

*Lucky Star

*Whatta You Mean, You Can See I Want Him Back?
Did He Go Somewhere?
If You Leave Me Can I Come With You?
funny Kossack tag line*

It isn't enough to talk about peace.
One must believe in it.
And it isn't enough to believe in it.
One must work at it.

Eleanor Roosevelt

The Learn To Be Fountain
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When All Are Crazy, What's To Worry About?
As Long As You Please Stop Moaning, Joe!
(Update 10/07/10) Actually, You Could Moan A Little, That Way I'll Know You're There!

Madonna Returns To Malawi On Charity Trip
Madonna will Match Every Dollar Donated
Match Madonna Now!

I Am Because We Are
documentary film

Note To Madonna
Wild Child full of Grace
Savior of the Human Race

And You Are So Smart!
I Had To Look It Up Too.
I'd Heard Of It But That's All.

Love, Peace And Justice