Friday, April 16, 2010

Apple Blossom Time * I Love You Joe (Update 2/1/11 Where Are You? -Now You're Really Making Me Crazy)!

I Love You Joe!
Absolutely, Truly, Since That Night You Kissed Me Under The Flag.
That's when I decided I could trust you!

Marines take the US Flag seriously.
I'm not stupid.
I knew what that implied.
Now I'm going to hold you to your word!

Patty, LaVerne, and Maxene had the right idea about how to take care of a stooge!

Like that fool who lied to you and tried to demoralize you.
I might just sock it to him, myself, if he even, thinks of us, again, ever!

I still don't know how you could let a complete stranger, (and I mean strange), just walk up to you, and do that!

I can tell you've gotten worse.
Take it easy !

I heard everything you said to Mark. I understand!

I only got confused, and upset, that one time, in Naples.

I'm just glad you're here.

I was, starting to wonder, a little, if I'd been abandoned.

I see you all running around. Unless I'm having a total psychotic break with reality.
But I don't think so, I never had one before.
And I've seen this show, many times!
What, did you bring the entire family?
You guys are too cute, and way too much!
I Surrender!

I surrendered a long time ago.
The smart thing to do, when a Marine is chasing you!
I'm Yours.
Right from the start, there was something about you I couldn't forget.
Now, after all these years, I couldn't exist without you!

You Are Good!
Please Stop Moaning!
Don't you realize, I like you! I don't care about how you act!
I know you're Decent and that's what counts!

I Love You! Even If You Are Crazy!

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