Monday, November 1, 2010

The Media Does Lie!

Let's Not Get Carried Away Here.
This Is One Big Anti-Democratic Bashing, Media Blitz!
Republicans, must really be on the offensive,
We've got them on the run.
Let's Keep Them that way!

Vote, Vote, Vote, Just Vote!
Just Vote Your Conscience!

Find Your Polling Place Polling Locator
Tues, Nov 2nd Election

All this talk about Republicans Winning Is So Biased For Republicans!
I'm a Sociologist, these percentages "in favor of" is actually called a RANDOM sampling of a percentage of the population (mostly they call voters on the phone and ask them questions). I get these calls all the time.
Then they take the percentage of voters from that.
I Got A B In Statistics!

Mind Control Again!
*Mind Control
by me

They Are Trying To Demoralize And Intimidate Democratic And Independent Voters!
I feel As If Someone Turned My Brain To Jello After Watching This ABC News Show!

Get Out And Vote

Show Them We're Tired Of Being Used By Republican Lies!

They Said The Same Thing At The Presidential Election!

Everything Being Blamed On Pres. Obama and the Democrats
Was Created by the bush administration and the republicans
Are We In Bizarro Land Again?

I'm Totally Shocked, Even ABC IS Slanted,
Round Table predictions of Winners Outcome Totally Bull
They Were Effective Though, They Demoralized Democratic And Liberal
Voters To The Point, That Many Just Didn't Make Time To Vote!
Very Low Democratic Voter Turnout Compared To The Presidential Election!
Sixty Percent Less!

Republicans Got Out The Vote!
That's What Happened.

Note To Republicans And Teabaggers
Wise Old Saying "Be Careful What You Wish For,
You Just Might Get It"!

Sun, Oct 31, 2010
ABC This Week

Where in the World Is osama bin laden? Update-bin laden sleeps with the fishes.

Hacking Democracy
Voting Machine Malfunctions!

One Shocked And Nauseated American!