Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Was Expecting You Two Drinks Earlier And Got A Little Excited When You Didn't Show

(Update 3/20)
I'm sick. Dizzy and nauseous and after thinking about it I've come to the conclusion that Easter Monday is the perfect day.

Whatever bar is open. If not May Kelly's, Horsefeathers is good. They like you in there and are Irish too.
It is Lent and We Should probably start out right.
And the Big Guy In The Sky would like that. And he's shown us so much love the past couple of months I guess we should show him some back.

What Better Day Than Easter Monday For Two Irish Revolutionaries Anyhow!
I Love You Joe. And Even Though I Was Too Blotto To See You At the Bar the other night I heard everything you said. And Kevin O'Neil was a big giveaway.

(Update 3/19 5pm) Another little talent I've developed, is telepathy, especially in dreams.
I Swear, I'll Never Get Angry At You Again Joe.
*I Am So Sorry. I Love You So Much*
I felt nothing when that other guy looked at me, absolutely nothing. I just get defensive and that's the only ammunition I had.
I Swear, I'll Never Mention them Again.

Forget them, You Know All You Have To Do Is Look At Me And I Go Crazy!

Hepatic artery!

*God Watches Over You Man*

That Bitch

I Get It Now. You Guys Really Thought I'd Sneak Around With that guy.
Really, putting the squeeze on me won't make his lies true. It just gets me nervous.

Then I try to explain and get in trouble for that. Because you know, if I wouldn't leave you for (don't get upset) those people, I would never leave you for anybody.
And they didn't stand a chance because even way back then I couldn't and wouldn't hurt you.

I know better than to go out with another guy. You'd never talk to me again.
I've got my life invested in you and wouldn't give it up for anything!

Another reason you get me upset. If you run I'm screwed. You can go out and get anybody, I can't.

When I was young enough to still have a chance, you told me you loved me and I listened to you. I always listen to you.
Then you ran away and left me here for another what, twenty years?
Except for following me everywhere I went and giving me that dumb look!
And I still believed in you.

I thought you were outside my door guarding me. Not trying to keep what never happened out.
Oh Joe, what am I going to do with you?
You Are Just Too Sweet, it's no wonder those bitches gravitate to you!

How come you never give me the breaks you give them?
Another reason I get upset.
Duh Yes I do need it, very badly. But You Are The Only Man I've Ever Been Attracted To.
Another problem for me, I couldn't just run out and do it. And I can't stay drunk for the rest of my life! As you can see I can't tolerate alcohol at all now. Not like when I was young and could almost drink you under the table.

I know I'm seeing You, I know I'm Hearing Your Voice. Otherwise I'm having a really Big Psychotic Break With Reality.

Why didn't you just go over to me last night/ Before I went crazy. I do get defensive, you've made me desperate and I still feel very abandoned by you.

I've been crying because I'm lonely. You always do this to me. You tease me unmercifully and then leave me crying on the stairs.

As you see I can't lie. The truth really comes out when you get as blotto as I was.
In truth those two are the only two I even noticed all these years (for five minutes, at least they kept me from throwing myself under a bus, gave me hope I wouldn't have to spend my life alone). And the kid was a very good bodyguard and they are nice people. Don't care what the newspapers say about them. That's all.
And that in itself is pathetic. But when would I have had the chance. You wouldn't let me!

I hope you're happy, you've ruined my life. And if you don't show up this time, I don't know what will happen to me, but I won't last long. I've decided to just ask God to take me. I can't live like this any longer And life alone without You will be more than I can take!

This is your fault. You made me love you and talked me into being here.

At first I thought this story was some kind of joke. That's why I was laughing.
I'm not laughing anymore.

And I am not fantasy prone. I am a person whose mind is firmly rooted in reality.
But I've developed a few strange talents since you've seen me.

Like when this first started, I heard the voices of King David, King Solomon, and
King Joseph.
Might just be woman's intuition, but David symbolizes Very bad betrayal,
Solomon, danger from false idols ya know what I mean,
And Joseph, Slavery in Egypt (Or Anywhere).

Help Me Now
I Do Love Only You