Monday, March 8, 2010

Hello I Love You And It's About Time I Had Almost Given Up Hope But I Didn't Think A Marine Would Lie To Me

Hello I Love You

*Only You Joe*

I Swear, I Lied About That Other Guy Twenty Years Ago Just To Make You Jealous Because I Thought You Betrayed Me.
I Couldn't Hear Anything You Said Over The Roar In My Ears.
But Really, That Was Not Cool Of You To Just Let her say All That Stuff After I Already Waited Ten Years For You!

There Is No Such Thing As Common Sense In Love.

Besides You Promised Me, That Night Under The Flag. I Knew What That Symbolized And Meant!
And I Intend To Hold You To It
*Semper Fidelis*

Sexual Bonding
When a relationship moves from friendship to repeated or sustained physical intimacy, something happens which makes moving away from that intimacy both difficult and painful. A bond forms in intimate relationships, partly sexual, partly emotional, partly intellectual even, a connection that is extremely painful to sever. Although it involves not just sex but the whole of being intimate, sex seems to be the real glue.

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St. Joseph's Indian School
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I Did Get Lucky
And Besides I Know A Good Guy And Know How To Hang On Even In A Hurricane
Good Love Is Hard To Find
*And You Are The Best Joe*
*And The Only One Ever And Forever* (There did I say it right this time)?
Don't Listen To Half The Things I Say
I Don't Talk Well. I'm Not A Very Verbal Person.
When Would I Have Ever Gotten The Chance To Learn How With My Mother's Big Mouth!

It's Not Your Fault Joe, (that goes for Your Father too, as big a pain as he is. I know he means well).

It's nicky and those bastards fault.
And Actually We're all crazy to fall for their nefarious plot.

That's not our fault either. If We weren't crazy to begin with, society made us.
You know they work overtime at it, consorting with, and allowing people like that to do the things they do.
Don't let them win.
I've waited too long!

We Both Got Lucky, We Found Each Other And Made It Through The Terror and Havoc they created!

I Love You And Could Never Even Want To Imagine Any Different Way, Or What A Dull, Boring Existence I Would Have Had Without You And Your Love, And Yeah, Guidance.
Actually It Would Be Like No Existence At All. I Am So Totally Emotionally Bonded To You, After All These Years. Even When We're Apart We're Together, And That Look You Use, Always Works!

You Win, You're The Toughest And I Never Stood A Chance.
Nor Would I Ever Underestimate You Just Because You Love Me.

I Am Not Stupid. I've Seen You When You Get Upset!
I Will Never Do Anything You Don't Want Me To Do. You Just Have To Tell Me And That's All.
Good Love Is Impossible To Find And Anyone Who Has Should Take Care Of It.

*I'm Easy, But Only For You Joe Because You Deserve My Respect*

Love Georgia