Sunday, March 28, 2010

Joe Kissed Me Under The American Flag And That's The Last Thing I Remember!

I'm Just A Victim Of That Drive By Look!

Sailor Moon

I Really Do Love You Crazy Boy
Even if, I Don't Always Understand The Things You Do,
I Always Believe In You. A Marine Wouldn't Lie!
You Can Tell Me About It When You Finally Show Up
And We're Alone.

And I Don't Lie! Why Would I Lie?

Just because
a man, or (a woman, as I've learned), says something, Does Not Make It True!
The guy's Lying, has been Lying!
And according to you're feedback, apparently, has his friends Lying too!

I don't know why! I don't even know him!
Only spoke to him a couple of times, for like, ten minutes tops!
Please Stop Drilling Me, you're just making me crazy!
Are You trying to get me to Believe I Went Out with him?
I Did Not! I Swear To God!

Give me a break! How Long Do You Know Me?
And You Take a strangers word Over Mine?

Do You really think I'm stupid enough to do something like this, when I know how you get! Then try to lie my way out of it?

When I Know How You Are!
Would be safer to have just hung myself in the first place and get it over with
Then throw away 32 years of my life!

Again, I Know How You Are!

I remember you stamping your foot at me, on the back porch, on Andrew St. and you didn't even know me then!
I remember Jude telling me he was going to see his Sister.
Jude was just my friend, I liked his Mother and Brothers and Sisters, only reason I put up with him. I wanted to be Adopted!
Phillip told me who your Mother is. (We had our own kind of language, Like the language of twins).
Ask her, she was standing right there. I looked at her and it clicked!
You do look exactly like Monica!

You are very much like Phillip and a lot like Simon, but I think they were both, a little smarter!
They would have both told this guy to F off and prove it! And they would have believed me without question!
Especially Phillip, who knew me good.
I spent too many nights getting drunk on wine with Him (and Maria) and Jude!
And Simon would have thrown that guy across the room, at least! And laughed when he did it!

Phillip, Jude and I were blood brothers, Literally, crazy as we were, when I was 17. They talked me into it! (Actually, Phillip, talked me into it).

Not to forget, you have your Grandmother's mouth!
But she liked me.

My Friend Injun, used to tell me "Be Careful What You Wish For,
You Just Might Get It"! Ok with me. You Crazy Person!

And I remember you chasing me down the block to the Flamingo!
Again, I know how you are!
You were dumb! And so was I. But we were only 16&(1/2) and 18 years old!
Especially for my letting Jude harass me into leaving that night we were sitting on the log talking.
You told me to go with him, it had nothing to do with what he was saying about Simon.
Only in Jude's mind, as young as I was, I knew Simon better than that!

I remember everything you said to me that night too.
Have for years! How do you think I know That I'm a year and a half older than you are!

I still remember this kind of stuff. Please show up, I cannot take much more and it really isn't fair to make me.
And you're scaring me with this craziness!

What makes you think this other guy even has what it takes to get me to talk to him?
Can't you see he's working on you?
He can't really work on me, I know you, and don't care about this or that.

I'm just glad you're ok (after all you've been through with that evil bitch)!

Please, get serious here, I'm Not going to tell you no! What part of I'm too desperate here to do that, don't you understand?

I'm Still Here! How Long Have I Been Waiting For You?
Have I Ever Had An Affair Before?
Don't you think I would have cracked when I was young and very, very, desperate, more so than now, when I am older and not, except when you get too close to me!
Don't Start, but you know I have standards.
And if I Was going to go out with any other man, which you would never allow me to do, they would not be just anybody!
I've been Waiting For You, Joe! Where the F**k Are You?

Was that Leck I saw, hiding under the beard, in Shaw's?
Sent the smooth one to worm it out of me huh?
Wait till I get my hands on him! He's the one who talked me into going out with you in the first place. You're Sidekick!
Said how nice you really are!
Only kidding, I like Jimmy, he's the best! Did me the favor of my life!

Yeah, even after all these years, I still think you're worth it! But you better hurry up, because You, really drive me crazy!

Saturday 4/17, Horsefeathers, it's the closest And They're Irish And Like You In There, (you're making me so weak, I'm not getting anything done).

How Could I Not Love You Joe, After All We've Been Through Together!
*I Want To Be Your First Mate Forever*
*To Know A Marine Is To Love A Marine*
Aye, Aye, Oh Mighty One!*
I Love You Joe

Please Stop Moaning, I Can Hear You.
I Heard You Last Night! (4/5)
You're Making Me Want To Cry Again!

You Know We're Dedicated!
You Sure Are!

Rules For Liars

1. Never Do Anything You Have To Lie About.

2. Never embellish, too many details, too complicated.
More chances of being disproved.

3. Always expect to get caught.

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