Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm Yours *Joe*

Point taken.
I've learned My lesson. Besides that loud voice hurts my head.
And he scares me
just a little
I'm not totally stupid.

(Update 4:25 am 2/28) Please, Please, Whatever it is I did, I swear I'll never do it again! Just stop.

Actually you're scaring me too. Worse than the loud mouth.
We're finally together. I'm pretty sure you are here.
We shouldn't be fighting, We should be talking about how much I Love You. And You're supposed to say You Love Me Too.
I can't help it if I glanced back at some dude once, over twenty years ago. What do you expect when that stabber got me right in the heart that night in Naples and I didn't hear you put up much of an argument.
But I told them to get lost. Immediately, hoping you really did care about me.
Can't you see that bastard up here is working on you?
That was the idea to plant doubt in your mind.
You Really Should Know Me Better Than That By Now!
When Did I Ever Care About Any Man Except You?
I'm sorry if I joke around too much. I swear I'll never cry wolf again!

You Are My Best Friend And I Would Never Want Anyone Else Except You.
Why Would I?

Please Send A Dollar To
Or If You're A Vet Who Needs Help
Vietnam Veterans Of America

8605 Cameron Street, Suite 400
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910
Phone: 301-585-4000
Fax: 301-585-0519
Toll Free: 1-800-882-131
Legislative Issues

You Are So Good Joe And I Will Always Love You.
Don't Be Surprised, You Deserve It.
*You're Right You Are A Man And Nobody In The World Is As Beautiful As You Are*
My Man*
It's My Fault For Being Stupid.

Love Georgia