Sunday, February 21, 2010

I Love You Crazy Boy

A generational cohort has been defined as "the group of individuals (within some population definition) who experience the same event within the same time interval".
The notion of a group of people bound together by the sharing of the experience of common historical events.

Important historical events and social changes in society affect the values, attitudes, beliefs, and inclinations of individuals that symbolize an ideology.
These events might include traumatic episodes like wars.
Events that unfold during the formative rather than later years of individuals are especially consequential.
Therefore, individuals born during a particular time, and thus corresponding to the same cohort, will often share specific inclinations and cognitive styles. Furthermore, these effects are assumed to persist over time.

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I Do Love You Joe
You're The Most Beautiful Man I've Ever Known
Inside And Out
And It's Ok, You Can Be My Boss
Only You Because You're Entitled To, And Have The Right Too.

When A Man Loves A Woman
Or When A Woman Loves A Man
And He's A Good Man
Even If He Is A Little Confused

Don't listen to anyone.
It makes me so sad and mad, what that bastard up here, pulled and Got You Upset. he's a big liar.
I never even talked to him, or even noticed he's a man, which in itself is debatable.
And I was only being nice to the other guy at Kos, just because he's a nice guy and a Vet.
I promise I'll never talk to another man ever, if you're going to get this upset about it.
I Swear*

I Remember You From The DeWitt Theater Too.
I am Dumb. I thought you were looking at my cousin.
So Many Chances and I Never Got It Right.
Not This Time.
I'm Not Gonna Screw It Up This Time
I'm Still Chasing You Down The Street Joe
This Time Has To Be The Cutest Stunt You've Ever Pulled*
Until You All Went Crazy!

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