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*Happy Birthday John Lennon*


A Good Man's Name Lives On Forever.
A bad man's name is remembered only by the historians.


John Lennon-A Good Man
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The Next Book On The Revolutionary's Reading List Is
The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell.

Campbell discusses his theory of the journey of the archetypal hero found in world mythologies.

Archetypes are visual symbols or energetic imprints that exist in our psyches. Some are readily understood while others bring subliminal messages that are there to help you trigger your memory of why you are here and the truth behind the illusion of reality. Archetypes can often convey messages that verbal and written information cannot.

Archetypes are found everywhere, as their symbols are a language of the mind, taken to different frequencies of thought and connected to each other by the collective unconsciousness. There are individual and universal archetypes. You become aware of them in meditation, dreamtime, remote viewing or other out-of-body experiences, when you doodle on a pad, crop circles or landscape art, other art forms, jewelry, hieroglyphs, a logo, on a billboard, anywhere at all. Archetypes can also be auditory, a tone, a series of notes, a harmonic. Reality is a series of metaphors set into motion by the synchronicity of archetypes we experience.

The term Archetype began with Carl Jung. In Jung's terms, 'Archetype' is defined as the first original model of which all other similar persons, objects, or concepts are merely derivative, copied, patterned, or emulated. These patterns derive from a universal collective unconscious which in metaphysics is called the Grids, Akashic Records, Sea of Consciousness, that which creates our reality In this context, archetypes are innate prototypes for ideas, which may subsequently become involved in the interpretation of observed phenomena.


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*Happy Birthday John Lennon*

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