Thursday, May 22, 2008

Is This Anyway To Treat a Vet ?

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Ok, here's a hot story for you all. Somebody sent it to me.
This is a subject I am very passionate about. (As you may have noticed).

The way Our Troops and Veterans are getting treated under the Bush Administration. I heard years ago that Vets coming back form Iraq are ending up homeless, sleeping in their cars.
Is this anyway to treat our Vets?

it seems like awfully bad form to prosecute and imprison a veteran for pushing for PTSD benefits.
Is This Anyway To Treat A Vet ?

I Love Tina Turner She's So Beautiful and Talented
For All Our Troops

E-mail your Congressman about Vietnam-era, Navy Veteran Keith Roberts, getting our troops armored vehicles, the "Trophy" anti-missile system and that they should bring all the troops home today. I'm going to.

The Bush administration has a lot of nerve pretending that they are Patriotic and care about our Troops and Veterans.
How stupid do they think The American People are?
Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!
I'm gonna keep doing the war dance on Bush until he gets our guys decent equipment.
I've turned my Georgie Porgie blog into a letter to the editor and already e-mailed it to my local newspaper. (The reporter e-mailed me back, he seemed very pleased to receive it).

I'm going to e-mail it to all the editors of the major New York and New Jersey newspapers too.

I want the Bush administration to know that Our Troops and Veterans are the American People's Top Priority!

I; on the other hand, only suffer from "magical thinking". Thinking, that if enough people get on the government's case, we can magically change things!
I personally don't care if George goes and jumps in the lake.
Power to the People, Right On!*

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