Saturday, August 4, 2012

* For Dr Joe Drew Who Taught Me So Much About Media And Caring

There are 72 million children out of school across the world.

That's more than all the children that are primary school across Europe, USA, Canada, Australia combined. The world has the opportunity to ensure that every child has an education, and the chance to beat poverty.
World leaders have the power, the resources, and the knowledge to achieve education for all.
1GOAL will be asking all leaders to make Education for All a reality. In order for us to achieve our 1 GOAL we need your help and your support.

Join 1 GOAL and help achieve Education to End Poverty.

More Really Good Music

We Are All Outlaws In The Eyes Of America

We Are All Dangerous, Dirty, Violent and Young
And We Are Very Proud Of Ourselves
Grace Slick

Please Send a Dollar To
Martin House Community For Justice Foundation
p.o. Box 1025
794 East State Street
Trenton, N.J. 08606-1025
(609) 989-8143
Martin House Helps The Poor People of Trenton.

Please Send A Dollar To
National Film Preservation Foundation
870 Market Street, Suite 1113
San Francisco, CA 94102
So much of our history is recorded on film.

It's Cab's 102nd Birthday*

Cab Calloway School of the Arts*

Louise D'Arcy*
She's Very Talented
For My Generation

Peace ga*